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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


My dad bought VIP tickets for my mom, me and my two children to see Disney’s Mary Poppins in Denver on Sunday.  First, let me say that this show was off-the-charts incredible!  The talent was phenomenal, as one would expect from Disney.  The set design was magnificent and kept the crowd amazed.  The overall production was above excellent.  We enjoyed every single moment, leaping to our feet at the end to give a well-deserved standing ovation.  All that to say this:  if you have the opportunity to see this show in a city near you, go.   It is well worth the time and money spent.

While we were there a funny thing happened.  The usher took our tickets and led us to our seats, third row from the orchestra pit.  At which time, my mother informed him that we had VIP tickets, which meant the kids were to receive a special gift.  The usher must have been new because he didn’t recognize that our tickets were the designated color for VIP status; thus, he instructed my mom to go to the box office and get some sort of voucher that would prove we had paid for the VIP upgrade.  Off she went. 

The usher then turned and said, “You’d be surprised how many people try to fake their VIP-ness.”

“Their VIP-ness,” he said in front of my ten year old and twelve year old, who somehow managed to contain their laughter until we got home.  You see, at ten and twelve the word “penis” is comical.  Hell, I’m forty-two and the word still provokes a comedic response in me.

So, as we were getting ready to go to bed that night, my son says, “We learned something very important tonight.”

My daughter and I pause and look to him, as if something deep and meaningful is about to come forth.

He grins and says, “Never fake your VIP-ness.”  We all laughed until it hurt.  And that’s how inside, family jokes are born.  ~



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