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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hide Your High

Have you read the story about children in Colorado getting sick because they are “accidentally” consuming food items made with marijuana?  As a Coloradoan, I smirked when I read it.  If you haven’t seen the story, you can read it HERE.

Now, I don’t find it at all amusing that children have gotten sick and even gone to the hospital.  That is tragic and sad, though let me note that all of the children hospitalized have recovered in full and have been released. 

Medicinal marijuana comes in many forms, one of which is gummy candies.  Already, one can understand why this is appealing to a child.  My children scarf down gummy bears like there’s no tomorrow….however, my gummy bears aren’t laced with marijuana. Thus, the responsibility for the children getting sick is on the parents, not the government who approved the use of medicinal marijuana in eighteen states and Washington, DC.   If you are a parent with a prescription for medicinal marijuana, it is your responsibility to treat it as any other prescription drug and “Keep it out of reach of children.”

We want to blame, blame, blame when bad things happen, but sometimes we have to accept the fact that those things happen because of our own error or stupidity and not because of some law that does or does not exist.  Everything cannot be everyone else’s fault. 

If you're using medicinal marijuana than it is your job to hide your high.~

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