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Friday, May 3, 2013

Mars Madness

Have you seen the story about people applying for a one-way ticket to Mars?  If not, click HERE to read it. 

Now, I have to ask myself, isn’t a one-way ticket to Mars similar in theory to volunteering to be a Kamikaze pilot or a suicide bomber or going on death row?  I mean, a “one-way” ticket implies that these people are never coming back. 

There are other matters of which we should be concerned:

Is there any type of medical facility up there in case of an emergency?  What is the plumbing system like and what happens if a toilet clogs? 

What do they do for fun?  Undeniably they will get bored and if they are of opposite gender, most likely, eventually have sex…so what happens if a woman gets pregnant on Mars?  Is there a doctor who can deliver the child?

If a baby is born up there do they have citizenship on Earth as well, or do they need some type of visa to visit Earth?  Also, of which Earth country would they hold citizenship? 

What happens when someone dies?  Are they buried on Mars or is their body thrust out into space?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to try and set up a colony on the moon first?  It is closer and we could probably get people back to Earth if the need arose?

I’m going on record saying this is a very bad idea.  ~




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