S.R.Claridge writes Mystery and Romantic Suspense novels. Her work has been said to have the energy of Dan Brown, the mystery of Mary Higgins Clark and the humor of Janet Evanovich. Claridge novels will take you to the edge of your seat, keep you guessing until the very end and ultimately warm your heart. It is on the pages of every S.R.Claridge novel that Mystery and Sensual Suspense collide.

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Reviews of House of Lies

Reader 5-Star Reviews:

“I don’t normally read novels that have romance in them so I was hesitant when I saw that this was labeled a “romantic suspense” but it came highly recommended so I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised.  There was more action than romance by far and I would even say that even though the book’s main character is a woman, it suits a male audience well.  Skylar is stubbornly likeable and I enjoyed the humor between Braznovich and his pal, Ernie.  I’ve read the controversy surrounding this book as far as whether it speaks truth about the house of prayer cult movement in the United States or whether it is purely a work of fiction, and the idea that the author could weave fiction and fact into such a suspenseful plot fascinates me.  It’s a great read with plot twists that surprised me at every turn and it’s the kind of story you’ll find yourself thinking about long after you’ve put it down.”  WyatteJ


“My only complaint about this book is that it ended abruptly and left me hanging, sort of like watching the Keiffer Sudderland tv series, 24.  It’s that action packed but has a great blend of romance and wanting, though it’s way more about action than romance.  I was worried Skylar was going to be a needy character but she stifles tears and attacks when needed.  She has trouble following instructions sometimes, but that was something I could relate to.  And Braznovich is the protector and lover every woman dreams of having.  This book is different from anything I’ve ever read because it felt like there was truth in the story, like these things really happen right under our noses and there really are people trying to save their loved ones from dangerous cult groups.  My favorite character is chain-smoking Ernie who always has a funny remark to add to a tense situation.  I highly recommend this book.  It’s suspenseful, funny, romantic and wildly action packed.”   Stephanie Meyers


“Great read!  It reads fast and furious.  There’s nothing but action, well, and a little bit of romantic play but the story focuses on the action, the romance is a sideline thing.  I liked the characters and could relate to almost all of them except for the bad guys.  It’s one of those stories you find yourself thinking about while you’re driving.  It just keeps popping in my head and I wonder how much of this sort of thing happens in real life and we just never know about it.  If you like suspense and not being able to figure out who done it, you will enjoy this read.”   James Belkin

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The first ebook I have chosen to review on TrueBlueEbookReview is House of Lies by author S.R.Claridge, published by Vanilla Heart. The reason I chose this novel is two-fold: first, because I wanted a new release in the mystery/suspense genre and House of Lies fit that description having been released just this month. (October 2012) Second, because I was seeking a new release that had yet to be reviewed professionally. I don’t like to read other reviews until after I have read the book for myself. Without further explanation, onto my review.

House of Lies is a political cult suspense about a woman who sets out on a mission to save her sister from what appears to be a religious cult group; however, as we move through the novel we discover that the religiosity of the group is merely a cover to hide the real agenda, which is quite political in nature. An anonymous tip leads her to a private investigator and a cop, who begrudgingly agree to assist her quest. That’s really all I can say without giving anything away.

This book has it all. There are plot twists that literally and figuratively take the reader to the edge of their seat and tauntingly leave them there. There is angst and suspense, action, romance and a little bit of sex. But, strangely enough, those things aren’t what drive the story. The character dialogue is the cohesive agent that skyrockets this book to a whole new level of storytelling. I was so enthralled I felt as if I were watching the story like a movie; that’s how powerfully written is the character interaction. But it doesn’t stop there. S.R.Claridge’s ability to tie together past and present events and weave them into a believable storyline is impressive; not to mention this author succeeds at doing something of which most mystery writers fail. She incorporates humor at precisely the right moments, when the reader needs a release from the mounting tension.

As I read, I began to wonder if the book, though fiction, held any truth about cult groups and their potential hidden agendas. I found myself contemplating if the author had once been involved in a group like the one described in House of Lies, and if so how much of what happens in the novel actually happened in real life. It was a similar feeling to what I had when reading Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code years ago. In fact, if I had to liken this book to one that is currently on the market, I would say it is The DaVinci Code, and I wouldn't be surprised if we find some controversy developing as word of this book gets out.

I give House of Lies a full five star rating. If you enjoy suspense novels, you will not be able to put this book down. Without giving away the ending, I can assure you that a sequel is to follow and I only hope it will be released soon.
What an exciting way to start off TrueBlueEbookReview!

Believability: Five Stars

Cohesive Flow: Five Stars

Characterization: Five Stars

Dialogue: Five Stars

House of Lies by S.R.Claridge - Overall Rating: Five Stars
House of Lies is currently available in Ebook at Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes&Noble with a pre-order print date for November 2012.
Reviews from Barnes & Noble Customers:
Posted November 26, 2012
Angela Lampbert - I was sucked into this story right away. I love suspenseful mystery.
I was sucked into this story right away. I love suspenseful mysteries and this reminded me a lot of a fictional story sort of woven thru some real life facts and events, which made it interesting and thought provoking as well as entertaining. If you liked DaVinci Code, which was one of my favorites, you'll like this book. It reads fast, no boring parts at all, I didn't think. I would recommend it as worth the money and the time to read.

Posted October 25, 2012

T.Riley  -  Action Packed Awesome!

It will remind you of The DaVinci Code because it's a political cult suspense and really makes you think about what goes on behind closed doors. Easy, fast read even though its a longer book then what I'm used to reading. I can't stop thinking about the story and hope there's a sequel. Highly recommend!


RobertWestinBWMag   Posted December 20, 2012

This was an exceptional read, very fast and filled with action.

This was an exceptional read, very fast and filled with action. I enjoyed the characters both individually and relationally. I like the interwoven religion and political base and look forward to seeing how it all plays out in the sequel, rumored to hit the shelves in October 2013. This is not the first book I've read from this author but I think this may be one of my favorites. Quick style, fast pace and lots of twists that make it hard to walk away without continuing to ponder the plot. Good book for people who love suspense and action without a lot of frills and fluff.

November 26, 2012
CanadaReviewers critiques many novels in the suspense genre and
CanadaReviewers critiques many novels in the suspense genre and we see the same plot fall out in countless books. I am happy to report this book is different. The plot twists enough to keep readers on their toes but is held together by the depth of characterization and conversation throughout the novel. Reading almost like a film script, the book lends itself to big screen believability and billing. Following Skylar on her journey to save her sister, the reader cannot help but cheer her on as we see the depth of her strength emerge in the first few chapters. By chapter ten we have a budding romance between Skylar and a private investigator, Braznovich. We give the book five stars and await the assumed sequel, since this book ended abruptly and left us wanting more.
Jonathan Reid, CanadaReviewers

Reviews posted by Smashwords Customers:

 Review by: Tricia Riley on Oct. 31, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar
I couldn't put this book down, stayed up late to finish it and was left wanting more. I'm hoping there's a sequel because it was left open-ended like there is more coming. I found myself thinking about it during the day and laying in bed contemplating what would happen. The story totally sucked me in. It is like DaVinci Code meets Fifty Shades, only it doesn't have the open erotica of the Shades books, still there's a sensual undertone between Skylar and Braznovich that adds an exciting level of romance to the story. There's so much action in this book that it really gets your adrenaline pumping. Awesome book, one of my favorites!


Review by: Bob Brunston on Oct. 31, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar
Excellent read. I found myself intrigued through the entire book. It starts with a bang and I wondered what was happening and then the story started to unravel, but just as understanding would ensue there was another plot twist that kept me salivating. It reminded me of the DaVinci Code and it has the perfect mix of humor and sex to break up the action. This book is action-packed suspense!
Review by: Jason Wyatte on Oct. 25, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar
I'm a Dan Brown fan. I like his style and the amount of action in his books, which is what made me pick up House of Lies because it was said to have a DaVinci Code feel. Did it ever! I was worried at first that the story would be too religious-based, but as I read, it was clear that a political aspect was in play. I found the plot enticing, as it lured me toward new angles and perspectives at every turn. This is the kind of book you lay in bed at night thinking about and trying to figure out. The fact that it ends abruptly tells me there's another one coming and I am eagerly awaiting it. Anyone who enjoys suspense and action will find this book to be a phenomenal read. Worth the price. Highly recommend it.



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