S.R.Claridge writes Mystery and Romantic Suspense novels. Her work has been said to have the energy of Dan Brown, the mystery of Mary Higgins Clark and the humor of Janet Evanovich. Claridge novels will take you to the edge of your seat, keep you guessing until the very end and ultimately warm your heart. It is on the pages of every S.R.Claridge novel that Mystery and Sensual Suspense collide.

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Press Releases

St. Louis Post Dispatch  -  October 2011
Author Takes Readers to New Heights  -  Literally!

October 2011 -  On the verge of her fourth mystery/suspense novel being released, St. Louis native and Lindbergh High Alumni, Author S.R.Claridge decided to take her research to the next level; two and a half miles into the sky, to be exact. 

Joined by her husband and a friend at Mile-Hi Skydiving Center in Longmont,CO, this author, pictured with tandem jumping coach, Mike Pintamo,  showed she’s not afraid to take the plunge for the sake of her readers.  “I want to include a skydiving scene in my next novel and felt like I couldn’t adequately write about it until I had experienced it myself,” explained the author; who recently received the Pen Award from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and whose first novel (No Easy Way) was nominated for the Molly Award from the Heart of Denver Romance Writers.

Best known for her Chicago Mafia suspense series entitled, Just Call Me Angel, which currently consists of three books, (Tetterbaum’s Truth; Traitors Among Us; Russian Uprising)  S.R.Claridge sets out to take her readers on what critics and reviewers have labeled her series, “a suspense-filled thrill-ride from start to finish.”

 All S.R.Claridge novels are available in ebook and print on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and everywhere books are sold.

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Longmont Ledger  -  October 2011

Author Soars (and not only in book sales)

October 2011, Broomfield, CO  -   Author S.R.Claridge takes to the skies, literally, at the Mile-Hi Skydiving Center in Longmont, CO, conducting research for her next novel.

“If I’m going to write about someone jumping from a plane, I have to know what it feels like,” says the author, whose fourth mystery/suspense novel (Russian Uprising) was released this month by Vanilla Heart Publishing.

Known in the literary world for her ability to keep readers guessing until the very end, S.R.Claridge’s books are receiving high accolades from reviewers and readers alike.  Claridge’s first novel (No Easy Way) was nominated for the Molly Award from the Heart of Denver Romance Writers and she recently received the Pen Award from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.  She is most recognized for her Chicago Mafia suspense series entitled, Just Call Me Angel, which currently consists of three novels.  (Tetterbaum’s Truth; Traitors Among Us; Russian Uprising) There is no question this Colorado author is not afraid to do what it takes to take her readers on an adventurous thrill-ride from cover-to-cover.  

* Author S.R.Claridge is seen in the above photograph with tandem jumping coach, Mike Pintamo.



Can You Handle the TRUTH?

St. Louis native and suspense novelist, S.R.Claridge

 says her readers can.

April 2011 - Book one in a new mystery series by suspense novelist, S.R.Claridge

 once again, takes readers on a riveting ride.

Mystery, Mafia and sexy Italian Men lay the groundwork for this tenacious tale of Crime Family mayhem set in present day Chicago.  TETTERBAUM’S TRUTH by author S.R.Claridge (author of No Easy Way, nominated for the HODRW Molly Award) portrays a unique look at the Mafia from a fresh and feisty female perspective.  

As the first installment in the Just Call Me Angel series contracted by Vanilla Heart Publishing and Author S.R.Claridge, TETTERBAUM’S TRUTH is receiving five stars, hailing it as “an edge-of-your-seat mystery thrill-ride” and “a story that will leave you wanting more.” Book two in the series is due to be released Summer 2011.

Graduating from Lindbergh High School, S.R.Claridge is the daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Gary Woods (DVM, Concord Animal Hospital and Co-Owners of Spanky’s Frozen Custard).  The author says she loves St. Louis and can’t wait to come back on her book tour this summer. 

More information on the author’s books, reviews, press releases, tour dates and media kit can be found at www.authorsrclaridge.com.  S.R.Claridge’s books are available in ebook and paperback at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and many local bookstores and libraries throughout the country.

PRESS RELEASE  -  MAY 2011 - MU Alumni Magazine

Mafia Mystery Slays Critics

May 2011 -  MU Alumni, Author S.R.Claridge does it again with her newest release, book two in the Just Call Me Angel mystery series, TRAITORS AMONG US.

Just Call Me Angel is a Mafia mystery series (by S.R.Claridge and Vanilla Heart Publishing) set in present day Chicago.  What makes it different from all the rest is not only that it centers on a heroine who brings a feminine perspective to an otherwise masculine Mafia world; but that the heroine is an MU Alumni, graduating from Journalism school, who loves Shakespeare’s Pizza.  In book one, TETTERBAUM’S TRUTH, the heroine discovers her true identity and in book two, TRAITORS AMONG US, she steps into her role as head of a Chicago Mob family.  Both books have notable Mizzou and Columbia references and Shakespeare’s Pizza is mentioned several times thoughout.  S.R.Claridge says she has an affinity for her alma-mater and wants to help promote the University and Columbia any way she can.

Amazon reviews hail the Just Call Me Angel series as a “riveting story that grabs the reader on page one and captivates him all the way through.” 

S.R.Claridge, who’s writing style has been described as a cross between the humor of Janet Evanovich and the suspense of Mary Higgins Clark, smiles and says, “I’m honored to be compared to two of my very favorite authors.” 

All S.R.Claridge’s novels are available in ebook and print format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, as well as libraries and independent bookstores.  Her books may also be requested and ordered through any public library and bookstore nationwide.

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