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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Euro Reviews




Publication date: FEBRUARY 2011
ISBN: 978-1-935407-89-8
Pages: 231
Series:Just Call Me Angel

Reviewer: Eveline

Angel Martin is devastated when her boyfriend Tony suddenly disappears. She gets an opportunity to buy Tetterbaum's pub and decides to go for it. Piece by piece she discovers though that the pub, the employers and especially her new 'boyfriend' aren't what she thought they were. They all hide secrets. With her boyfriend's tattoo begins the quest for the truth… But before she can discover the truth she has bigger problems to solve…

I began reading this book not remembering what it was actually about. Boy was I surprised at what was coming at me! After just a few pages I was already so drawn into this fictional world that at times I really lost my attention for what was happening around me in real life. The writing is very fluent and the plot just keeps you concentrated at all times because there’s never a dull moment in Angel’s life! A perfect mix of excitement, action, mystery and romance keeps you turning those pages without even thinking for a second about putting the book aside. I loved the Italian flavor (thank you Mafia) that was weaved into this contemporary story. I sure am very curious to find out what is left in store for Angel in the follow-up novel Traitors Among Us. And did I just hear there is yet another follow-up in the making? Don't lose this author out of sight!

Available in ebook and paperback format.

Thank You to My Latest Reviewers

I am so excited to have received two wonderful reviews of my novel, TETTERBAUM'S TRUTH from reviewers in the U.K.  (Euro-Reviews and Reabookreview) 

There is such fulfillment within when someone reads what I've written and truly enjoys the story, the mystery and the suspense of it all.  Positive feedback from readers and reviewers motivates me to want to write more and more...to want to go deeper, research longer and create something people will love.

Thank you for reading, for reviewing, for your feedback and your time. It is invaluable and precious to me.  ~

Monday, June 20, 2011

TCM gives Tetterbaum's Truth a Thumbs-Up Review

Tetterbaum's Truth S.R. Claridge Vanilla Heart Publishing ISBN: 1935407899

Twenty-nine year old Angel May Martin is the owner of Tetterbaum’s Pub in Chicago. Tetterbaum’s Pub was opened in 1936 by the Tetterbaum family and Angel worked as a waitress at Tetterbaum’s until the sudden death of Ernest Tetterbaum. His widow sold the pub to Angel at a price she couldn’t resist.

For the past year Angel has been carrying on with one Grayson Galante, it is only in Grayson’s arms that Angel feels she can be anyone she wants to be. Even after multiple warnings from co-worker Andrew, Angel continues seeing Grayson until a tragic accident changes everything and turns Angel’s world upside down.

To complicate her life even further Angel’s ex-boyfriend, Tony, reappears in her life and everything is spinning out of control. Angel’s obsession for finding answers grows stronger with each passing day and she decides to search for answers on her own. Angel soon discovers she isn’t who she thought she was and that Tetterbaum’s Pub may hold the key to her past – a past she knew nothing about.   Tetterbaum’s Truth is fast-paced, full of surprises and will keep you reading long into the night.


Friday, June 17, 2011

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