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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lied, Defrauded & Falsified

I received tax information from my ex-publisher (Vanilla Heart Publishing) and couldn't help but laugh. Though she noted what she had paid me for 2013, what she failed to provide in this sloppily, hand-written W-2 form was any element of truth.  Book sales?  Not included.  Statements?  Not included.  Just a random number for a random payment that matched none of the numbers provided by any of the retailers in 2013. I wasn't surprised...for you see, had she claimed the correct number of book sales she would have had to admit to fraudulent activity and theft.

I wonder... what earnings is she claiming to the government?  It might be worth suggesting to the IRS that they audit Kimberlee Williams and Vanilla Heart Publishing, for I am merely one author in a line of many from which she has stolen money and, sadly from some,  is still stealing.  I just might take this up with my attorney and will certainly register another complaint with the State of Washington and the Better Business Bureau.

You see, for me, this was her last chance to rectify the wrongdoing.  Admitting she had stolen from me and taking steps toward restitution prior to sending out legally falsified W-2 documentation would have shown at least some form of remorse, be it small and pathetic.  But, that time limit has ceased and the hour of pursuing restitution is now upon us.

To the authors who are currently with Vanilla Heart Publishing, please be aware that Kimberlee Williams is lying to you.  She has the ability to print monthly reports of your book sales from Amazon.  Also, Amazon pays timely, VERY timely each month and so she should be able to pay you on time as well.  No excuse is viable.  EVERY excuse and play for your sympathy is a lie.  In addition, Smashwords pays every quarter in a timely manner.  They are never late and reports can be pulled at any time during the quarter where she can see book sales by title, type and distributor.  There is no reason you are not receiving statements and payments in a timely manner.  NO REASON!

Thankfully, for me, the Vanilla Heart nightmare is over.  I have moved on and found great success.  I wish that for every author.  If you are with a publisher that is robbing you blind and filling your head with excuses, break free and earn what you deserve from your work.  A legitimate publisher will not give excuses because in today's world of technology and minute-by-minute reporting there is no need for excuses.

You deserve to be treated with respect and honesty and publisher's like Vanilla Heart are nothing but wolves in sheep's clothing, preying on new and naive authors.  Open your eyes and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  ~