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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


People are so unique.  I look around and it is amazing to me how every single person is different…uniquely their own entity, with no one else on the planet exactly like them.  Even identical twins are not the same.  Their exterior appearance may be similar but their social, emotional, mental and psychological capabilities are inimitable. Think about it… no one thinks exactly like you.  No one sees the world through your eyes except you.  How wondrous it makes life when we realize our matchlessness.  

Sidebar:  I love the word “wondrous”… it’s like wonderful and fabulous all rolled into one.  J

Every person possesses a make-up or design that goes far beyond basic genetics.  Sure, their DNA makes them unique, but on top of that is life experience, the ups and downs of every day, the scars, the joys, the wounds, the lessons, the feeling of living that each of us experiences in our own way.  It’s the roller coaster of life, and though we are all strapped into the same ride, our expectations, anticipations and overall view of the ride gives us individual distinction.

Some people are energized by crowds, while others are overwhelmed.  Some people feel at-home in front of an audience, while others stutter and tremble with fear.  Some people are comfortable walking around naked, while others would die of humiliation if anyone saw them unclothed.  Some people are witty, while others struggle to get the punch-line out.  The point is we all have little quirks that make us who we are, and we shouldn’t feel ashamed of being different or not being “main-stream.”  For, what is main-stream anyway?  What determines normal? 

A better question is:  Why do so many people want to be “normal?” 

If normal means dressing, talking and acting like everyone else...then I’ll pass.  If main-stream means conforming to underlying rules and regulations which stifle uniqueness…I’ll pass.  To me, normal is boring and life is too short to be bored.  Life is too precious to piss it away with all of the things you think you “should” be doing and none of the things in which you desire to engage.  If you spend your whole life trying to stifle who you are so that you can fit in and become someone you think others think you’re supposed be...you’re wasting time and you’re hurting yourself. 

No one else can be you better than you.  If you’re so busy trying to be someone else, who will be you?   Instead of looking at others and comparing yourself to the qualities they have and you believe you lack, tweak your perspective and compare your differences and how the fact that you are different makes both of you special.  It is our differences that enable us to create a magical existence.  It is our differences that enable us to see beauty in so many forms.  It is our differences that make us matchless.

Embrace your matchlessness and enjoy the you that you were made to be. ~ 



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