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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Let's Talk About Nudity

Let's talk about nudity.

If that first line didn't get your attention, I don't know what will.  It is the perfect example of "hooking" the reader right out of the gate.

But in all seriousness, let's talk about nudity.

When I mention nudity I am not referring to pornography or anything grossly inappropriate.  I'm simply referring to a man and a woman's body without the mask of clothing.

Men and women view nudity differently.  Men are much more open about being naked.  They strip down in locker rooms, urinate next to one another and seemingly have no discomfort strutting around in the buff.  Most women, on the other hand, find being naked a challenge.  We are so self-focused that we can't just relax and enjoy the freeing feeling of being nude.  We're too busy judging our body and pointing out all of its flaws to be able to see the beauty in it.

Here's an idea ladies, let's stop it!

Your self-absorption with your body is painting a poor picture in your husband's psyche.  The fact is that you might notice every tiny bit of cellulite or a stretch mark or a scar, but he's not only not focusing on it, he probably doesn't see it at all.  You might think your thighs are too big but as long as those legs are going to be wrapped around him, he doesn't care. All he wants is your skin on his skin. He wants to feel you and touch you and, yes, see you.  Men are visual creatures, so don't rob them of the joy it brings to behold their lover naked just because you have an insecurity about your body. And don't taint the picture for him before he even has the chance to drink it in.  What I mean is, don't walk into the bedroom moaning about how bloated you feel or how saggy you think your breasts have become. Enter the room with the confidence of Beyonce.  Flaunt whatever it is that God gave you and make him think that you think you're the best damn woman to ever grace the earth.

Confidence is sexy and men like sexy.

It is statistically proven that couples who get naked together have a better chance of staying together. Couples who kiss and hug more often have longer lasting marriages.  Why?  Because human touch is important.  We all crave it because we all need it.

If insecurity has kept you hiding your body, it's time to say ENOUGH and get in the buff!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Setting The Record Straight

In a previous blog I shared the email correspondence from an incident that occurred on Facebook.The email thread that I posted has become the cause of confusion and I want to set the record straight.

A friend's name (Mark F) was mentioned in the email. Mark in no way had anything to do with what transpired, nor was there anything inappropriate on his Facebook page.  The man who contacted me simply saw my name and picture on Mark's friend list and contacted me without Mark's knowledge.

If you have any questions, please email me at AuthorSRClaridge@gmail.com

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Time to Stop Shrugging it Off and Start Calling it Out

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