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Sunday, October 18, 2015

WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT - Sending Dick Pics Makes You a Dick

WARNING:  This blog contains graphic pictures of male genitalia.  It is not for the faint at heart so now is your opportunity to stop reading and close your browser window.  I am posting this blog to make a point.


It's a sad state of affairs that I am blogging about penis pics once again.  Alas, this is the third time this year that a man on FB has sent me nude pictures of himself.  Not the same man.  Each time it has been a different man.  You know what they say, "third time's the charm."  So, this time, I'm going public with his pictures and his information.  Hopefully, a lesson will be learned and I will not receive any further penis pictures.  Hopefully, men everywhere will stop and think before pressing the SEND button on their next penis pics.

Last night as I opened my FB email I was shocked to find that I had received not one but two penis pictures from a male whom I do not know in real life.  We were virtual friends existing only in the FB world.  In fact, I have never had any form of contact with him.  So, what makes a man decide to send a complete stranger a picture of his genitalia?

If only I knew the answer.

Keep in mind that my FB profile is public because public status is necessary due to the line of work I am in.  But, it only takes a moment of perusing my profile to realize that I am married and not seeking any form of male companionship outside of my marriage.  It is also evident that I'm a Christian woman and a mother who is very involved in her kid's lives; and that I do not have pornographic images in my photos folder.  How, then, do I fit the demographic showing a desire to receive pornographic emails?  Do these men even read my profile or do they simply see that I am female and, thusly, assume that I am going to love their dick pics?

Do they actually believe that I will open my email, fall to my knees in adoration of their manhood and write to them urgently, promising to leave my husband and begging for them to take me as their own?  Is that the fantasy... because I just can't seem to get there? 

Do they think that I will reciprocate the action and send them pictures?  Is that the hope?  If so, here's a pussy for you: 

How do you like my breasts?  Don't they look yummy?

You see, that's as explicit as I get and the inuendo alone is quite enough. 

I think it's time for a giant dose of reality.... Men, you might want to sit down before you read this because it may come as a shock to you.  Here we go:

Women think penises are weird looking, odd and rather gross.  When they are flacid they serve us no purpose whatsoever.  When they are strongly erect, we like them to pleasure us but we don't want to stare at them.  They are not a part of the human body that we want to gawk at or gaze at longingly.  We do not want to receive a picture of your genitalia...ever.  This applies to the men we love and certainly applies to the men we don't.  So, go ahead and do whatever it is that you do with it on your own time, but when the cameras are out keep it in your pants...literally.

I'm sorry, but it's true.  The male genitalia is not considered a work of art.  It's useful and practical but not beautiful.

That being said, if you want to entice a woman, send her pics of the parts of you that are beautiful and at which she longs to gaze.  For example:  your eyes, your smile, if you have nice abs or nice arms or a nice ass (not naked but in some fine-ass looking Levi's).  Those are the parts that she likes to look at.  Your dick, as fine a tool as it may be, is not something she wants to stare at in her email.

Even better, send her something that expresses your humor or quirky personality, your integrity or your spontaneity.  Show her the beauty that matters most and that will leave an impression to last a lifetime.  Your inner beauty is a more powerful tool than the one dangling between your legs.


I opened my email last night to find this:  (Pictures have been removed because I don't want them forever on my blog.  They are too graphic and gross.)

I never replied to Sandy, as anything I would have to say to him would not be nice.  But, if you would like to reply to him, please feel free.  He's obviously seeking attention, so what do you say we spread this post as far and wide as possible?  I say we give him the notority he deserves.  Maybe he could land a porn gig out of it.  Or maybe some woman will see his penis, fall instantly in love with him and they'll live happily ever after.  The possibilites are endless... NOT.

The truth is I'm not only offended by the pictures and by the simple fact that he thought they would be well received, I feel violated by the images and more so by his intent.  I should be able to open my email without worrying about being repulsed.  It stirs in me an anger, an anger that many women have felt and yet been unable to extinquish.  Are we to just take it?  Are we to merely accept the fact that men have the right to violate us in this manner?

If this man came up to me on the street and whipped out his penis and began masturbating in front of me, it would be illegal.  How then is sending these images via email any different?  

The violation is the same.  I have been forced to see something that I did not ask to see nor want to see.  Ladies, do we simply delete the email, block the person and go about our business, trying to erase the discusting pictures from our minds?  Or, do we take back the control and let every perverted man out there know that if they send a picture, that picture will be posted everywhere along with their contact information and profile links.  Do we turn the tables and make them think twice before depressing the SEND button on their next email to another woman...one that could be going to our sisters, friends, mothers or daughters.

The fact that Sandy actually believes a woman would respond positively to this action tells me he is a real whack-job (pun intended this time), though I aleady gathered that from the pictures.   

Men, the reality is that sending dick pics to women makes you nothing more than a dick...a flacid, useless dick.

Women, let's take a stand and tell the world that we will no longer tolerate this type of behavior. Send this to your female friends and let's take a stand against the men who treat women with a level of gross disrespect.  If they want to send us pictures of their dicks, I say we plaster those pictures all over the world, one email, tweet, DM, IM, post and blog at a time.

Sandy's FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/san.dychirs?fref=ts    Go get him, girls!

This ri-DIC-ulous crap stops here!