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Monday, January 20, 2014

If it Scares You...

There are times when I am tempted to play it safe, take the path most traveled and lean toward the conservative side when writing; and then, I stand up at my desk, jump up and down three or four times and shake it off.  When I feel this stagnation coming on in life, I jump from a plane, skinny dip or do something else exhilarating to liven things up.

I try to make a conscious effort to live on the edge on paper and in life.  That doesn't mean live dangerously, but purposefully.  It doesn't mean to live carelessly, but care-freely.  I think it means to embrace every chance you're given and whenever you can, choose the path less traveled and leave a piece of yourself on the trail.  That is to say, pour a little bit of yourself onto the pages even if it's scary. 

Writing my novels has taken me into some dark places.  For the Just Call Me Angel series I studied the Mafia and for House of Lies I studied cult groups, past and current.  Writing The Candy Shop took me to a new precipice, as I studied the psychological profiles of serial killers.  It was uncomfortable and, at times, downright creepy.  I dove in nonetheless and I'm thankful I did.  The newly found knowledge I embraced added a depth to each story that otherwise would not exist.  It scared me, but the positive reviews have made those fearful moments worthwhile.  :) 

Trying something new or looking at something from a new perspective can cause trepidation.  Those feelings are normal.  If it scares you a little... you're on the right path.  ~

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sustainable Success

The easiest part of being a writer (at least for me) is the act or art of writing.  The hardest part is the marketing and promotional efforts.  When I have a writing day planned, I wake up excited; whereas, when I know the day holds nothing more than plowing through marketing strategies and delivering promos, I awaken less enthused.  This needs to change and is my first work-related New Year’s resolution.

Dive into marketing and promotion with a fresh feel, a new outlook and a positive attitude.

I won’t bore you with my other business resolutions… suffice to say, if I can tackle the first one I will be content. 

So, how does an author effectively market their work?  Ah, the age old question.  There are many of us out there who often feel as if we are spinning our wheels, but this isn’t happening only in the literary world.  It happens with everyone in every field.  We don’t see the results we want and we get tired.  We slow down.  We lose our mojo.  It’s natural… but, it is changeable.  Success can be sustainable. 

In this blog I’m only going to cover the first three steps:

First, start with a cup of coffee….okay, that’s a lie…you’re going to need a pot of coffee.  More importantly…start the day with prayer.  Thank God for all that you have, for every blessing in your life, and hand Him your hopes, dreams, aspirations and the desires of your heart.  Trust me, they are much safer in His hands than yours.

Second, write down every goal you want to accomplish.  Big or small, write down them all!  Now, tack those goals in a place where you will see them multiple times a day.  Print them small and tape them to the corner of your computer screen.  Place a copy in the bathroom, on the cover of your cell phone, etc.  Make your goals visible.

Third, make a to-do list.  Add to it every day and check off items every day.  This will keep you organized and help you not to feel overwhelmed.  There is a certain satisfaction that comes with checking off an item on your to-do list.  Feel the satisfaction.  Relish in it.  Reward yourself for it and then harness that sense of accomplishment and use it to tackle the next item.

I’ll say it again:  Success is sustainable.  The key is to take it step by step.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It doesn’t come in a whirlwind.  It arrives after years of hard work.  Dream big, work small… and your dreams will come true.  ~