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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Nagging Pays Off

This weekend I had a very proud parenting moment.  I have been fortunate to have many proud parenting moments, but I don’t always take the time to write about them.  Instead, they stay quietly woven into my heart where they will remain forever treasured.

The proud parenting moment to which I am referring involved my son and the good choices he made.  As a mom, I often feel that I nag and nag and nag and wonder if my words ever really sink in and if the message is heard.  This weekend I learned that my nagging has not been in vain.  My message has been received, processed and put into positive action…and I got to secretly witness it.  Here’s what happened:  My son was playing with some friends, one of which was using extremely foul language and making some inappropriate remarks.  I was about to say something, when my son told him if he didn’t stop cursing and saying bad things that he was going to have to leave.  I stood shocked.   Later, while the boys were playing Xbox, the same child told my son he was terrible at the game and called him a loser.  I was ready to charge into the room, demanding he apologize…but there was no need.  My son calmly paused the game, looked at the other kid and said, “If you say one more bad thing about me, you’re going home.” 

I tell you, I was gleeful at how well he handled the situation.  He didn’t yell, say anything derogatory back or retaliate in any way.  He simply and politely stood up for himself. 

I am SOOOOOOOOOOoooo proud of him and happy to know my nagging pays off.  J



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  1. I can see why you'd be proud! Congratulations, Mom!


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