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Friday, May 31, 2013

Non-Verbal Vibrations

Did you know that research shows that 70 to 90 percent of human communication is non-verbal. This is not a big shocker.  In fact, this is why it is often difficult to communicate via text or computer chat because you cannot fully connect with another person until you are able to look them in the eyes or at the very least, listen to the inflection in their tone.

According to the latest research by Elle magazine, you can tell what a person thinks of you and/or how they feel about you, by observing these ten body movements:


1. Posture

Leaning back with his arms crossed in front of him means he is not interested in the conversation.

2. Smile

A faux-happy smile ends at the lips, while a genuine one will make the corners of his eyes crinkle into crow's feet, which, according to experts, is one of the hardest things to fake.

3. Nose movement

Flared nostrils indicate increased heart rate, which could mean he's angry, sexually aroused-or both!

4. Feet

A body points toward where it wants to be going-so if his feet face you, he's all yours. But if they are angled toward the door, he's mentally on his way out.

5. Hands

Palms up on top of the table is a sign of relaxed, open interest-but hidden under the table is a sign of discomfort.  Either he's hiding something, or very nervous.  
Who sits at the table with their palms up?  Unless they are meditating at the table, this is a weird position!

6. Chin

People often stroke their chin during the decision-making process, so he's probably pondering something.

7. Arms

We naturally reach toward things we like, so an arm around you or a hand touching you are very good signs, while arms clasped behind the back signal, "Don't come any closer."

8. Legs

If his legs are splayed out, he's confident and trying to claim his territory. If they are crossed, notice which leg is on top: a leading leg pointing toward you means he's trying to get closer, but legs crossed the other way are a subconscious play for space.

9. Eyes

Looking toward the ears indicates that someone is remembering a sound, while looking up and to the left means someone is remembering something. Narrowing eyes is a sign of anger.

We constantly hear that liars avert their eyes, but actually the opposite is true. Because they know that eye contact is important, liars will often stare you down to overcompensate.

10. Sitting still

Rubbing the neck, or touching the eyes, earlobes, nose, or lower face are all soothing gestures, which probably mean that your date is uncomfortable.

Now, if you can analyze all of these things while talking with someone and still pay attention to the conversation….well, you’re a better woman than I.  J

Good luck!  ~


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