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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Injustice on the Border

I was reading the story about a woman crossing the Mexico border, returning to the United States after attending her aunt’s funeral.  She was stopped at the border where authorities found twelve pounds of marijuana under the seat of her car.  (Almost six kilos was stashed in her vehicle.  You can read the full story HERE.)

Her husband, family and friends are all claiming she was framed.  Even the authorities are stating that one person could not load that much marijuana in a vehicle without being noticed.  According to police, she has no history of drug use and they believe it is most likely that she has been framed. 

Despite this, she sits in a Mexican jail right now.  An American citizen, the mother of seven children, no prior record, no criminal history…. all rights revoked until further investigation.  What is wrong with the system?  When did we become guilty until proven innocent?

This saddens me because it could happen to anyone.  Any American citizen could be targeted and framed and in an instant have their life destroyed by a stranger.  It isn’t right.  It isn’t fair.  It is injustice and it must be stopped.

This woman should not be sitting in a Mexican jail until her innocence can be proven.  She should be at home with her family, possibly hiring an attorney, and free until such time that she is proven guilty.  This is not a crime of murder or violence.  She is not a danger to society.  Let the woman go home to her husband and children while authorities work out the details, analyze surveillance feed and find out what really happened at the border.
Two wrongs don't make a right. ~


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  1. Honey, she's in a MEXICAN jail, not an American jail. They have no "innocent until proven guilty" tenet in their law.


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