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Monday, September 17, 2012

The HOT Fireman

I was listening to a local radio station, who has a comedy bit every evening called, “White Trash News Flash,” wherein they talk in hillbilly type accents and tell a true story about some ridiculously stupid thing someone, somewhere did. 

Today’s story was about a woman in Pennsylvania who locked herself out of her house.  She didn’t have a spare key so, instead of calling a locksmith, she decided to call the fire department.  Initially, this doesn’t sound like a terrible idea.  I mean, firemen certainly know how to get into houses when necessary.  But, she didn’t just call the fire department and ask for help.  She decided it would be better to set her awning on fire and then call 9-1-1.  So, she did, and the fire department came and put out the fire.  Then, she told them why she had started the fire. They, of course, called the police, who charged her with arson. 

This got me thinking about fires and firemen and it brought back a memory from when I was in college.  I lived in an apartment on the second floor and these two hot firemen lived directly below.  They were several years older than me and I was crushing on one of them…BIG Time!  Alas, he didn’t notice me, despite my many attempts at desperate flirtation.

One night, after several shots of Tequila, my roommate and I decided to get the hot fireman’s attention once and for all.  So we stuffed some rolled up rags into the almost empty Tequila bottle, lit it on fire and dangled it off of our balcony….so that it hung right outside their sliding door. 

Needless to say, it got their attention ... and so did we for many nights thereafter.  J

I'm thinking I might need to incorporate this story into one of my novels.   

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