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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nail Gnawing Submissions

Whenever I submit a new manuscript to my Publisher, it is with both trepidation and excitement.  My hand hovers over the SEND button for several minutes, as I read and re-read what I have written; and then ask myself the same nagging questions over and over.  Is the manuscript ready to send?  Did I edit it enough?  Did I format it correctly?  Did I tie in all of the loose ends?  Did I define the characters well enough?  Is the story clean of redundancy?  Is it the best work I could give? 

At this point, I usually save my email as a draft and go back through the manuscript one more time.  Then, I retrieve the email and, once again, hover over the SEND button; conflicted by my own emotions.  I'm excited that it's done and scared that it will not be accepted.

I recently submitted my seventh manuscript (six full-length novels and one short story), wherein I went through the aforementioned process.  Once the SEND button was depressed, the agonizing nail gnawing began.

Thankfully, she didn't make me suffer long.  Yesterday, I received an email that my manuscript has been accepted.  In fact, she not only accepted it, she loved it.  This brought a huge sigh of relief and a smile that hasn't left my face.  

Now... it's time to grow my nails back and begin working on the sequel.  :)



  1. Susan, save your nails! Your books are fabulous: well written, compelling and unique characters, edge-of-your seat suspenseful. What's not to like? Still, I know that nail biting feelings. It's one thing to tell someone to relax, you've nothing to worry about, and another to follow that advice yourself!

  2. I second what Smoky said! :-)


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