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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just What the Dr.Seuss Ordered

I love Dr. Seuss.  His words have influenced me more than any other poet, including Shakespeare.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Shakespeare's work, but I've never felt "inspired" by it.  Dr. Seuss, however, has inspired me on many levels. 

At a young age, he was told to stop drawing because his pictures were terrible and he'd never become an artist.  He didn't quit.

In college, he was told that his writing was mediocre and he'd never go anywhere in the realm of literature.  He didn't quit.

He wrote from what was within his heart, encouraging generations of children to be themselves, to embrace their spots, to like who they are and follow their dreams, whatever they may be and down whatever road they may lie.  His words, though bashed by critics as nonsense, have stood the test of time and remain in a league of their own. 

What a phenomenal person he must have been...and how many lives he has touched with his pictures and words.  He has certainly touched me and, at times in my life, brought healing and strength in a way no other doctor could.    Thank you, Dr. Seuss.  Your wisdom is often just what the doctor ordered.


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