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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sick and Tired

I spent all of yesterday morning in Children's Hospital with my nine year old.  He was writhing with abdominal pain and I was worried we were on the road to an appendectomy.  After five hours, an IV, blood and urine tests and a CTscan, I was relieved to learn that there was nothing wrong with his appendix; and that he was merely suffering from a viral infection in the intestinal tract. 

By the time we returned from the hospital, my son's abdominal pain had subsided and his appetite was back.  He ate yogurt and chicken-and-stars soup with some crackers and drank a blue Powerade.  I began to relax and thought we were over the hump and in the clear. 


He didn't want dinner last night and complained that his stomach was hurting "a little."  By 4:00am he was in the bathroom vomiting...and again at 5:20am.... 5:50am... 6:18am...and 7:30am and just a few moments ago.  He can't seem to stomach even a sip of Sprite. 

It is looking like today is going to be another miserable day for him; and another heart-wrenching Mommy day for me... the kind of day where I feel helpless, wanting to make him better but only able to try to make him comfortable and pray for this yucky virus to pass.

Suffice to say...we are all sick and tired.


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