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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Jagged Little Pill of Truth

There are moments in life when speaking the truth isn't easy, especially when you know that the truth is going to hurt someone's feelings.  There have been plenty of moments in my life when I have been on the receiving end of a truth I didn't appreciate hearing; but when I look back I realize I didn't want to hear it because the truth can often be painful.  It can be a jagged little pill to swallow.  That being said, hindsight is twenty/twenty and I can now glance back and see that the people dishing up that plate of truth were the ones loving me the most.  They were trying to protect me, not hurt me.  They were trying to open my eyes so that I didn't stumble into something dangerous and cause permanent damage to myself or to others around me. 

They weren't attacking me with the truth... they were attacking the lie I was living in order to free me from it.

We often live under the unspoken pressure of seeking approval and when those around us disapprove, a normal human reaction is to isolate ourselves from them.  In essense we end up pushing away the very people that love us the most, simply because we don't want to face the truth.  We bury our heads in the sand, refusing to look at it; and often, egotistically claiming it is not the root of the problem; but in our hearts we know otherwise.

Sometimes we let ego replace love, judgment trump acceptance and elitism overcome humility....all because it's easier than looking at the truth.  Sometimes we kick out of our lives everyone who isn't living our same lie so that we are surrounded by constant approval.  In doing so, we grow more inbalanced.  We shun every person who has had the courage to speak against the lie, claiming to be attacked instead of realizing how much we are loved.

It is only when we agree to seek out wisdom and knowledge that we will know the truth, "and the truth will set you free."  (John 8:32) 


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