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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hate: The Root of Terrorism

There are many faces of terrorism.  Terrorism by definition is the act of inflicting terror.  It is not limited to a particular race, religion, political affiliation or nationality.  It comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.  It cannot be stopped because it cannot be seen until after it has unleashed its wrath.

In the wake of what happened Monday in Boston, it is difficult for me to listen to the peaceful activists who rise up to defend the international terrorists by saying, “How do you think they feel when our troops come to their countries, destroy their homes and murder their loved ones?” 

First, we don’t know if what occurred in Boston was the work of an international terrorist or a domestic one.  All we know is that it was indeed an act of terrorism.  Regardless, a terrorist’s actions should never be defended.

Second, and some have called me naïve, I don’t believe our American troops go into other countries and intentionally blow up innocent people.  I know there have been situations where innocent lives have been lost, but I do not believe the act was with intent and malice.  I know many US soldiers from several military branches and none of them have ever spoken of killing innocent women and children merely for the sake of killing.  None of them have pretended to blend with the culture, waited for a crowded event like the Boston marathon and then planted explosive devices so that they could kill unarmed, non-violent citizens.  We can debate whether or not our troops belong in other countries…but I will not believe we go there with terrorism in our hearts.

This marks that pacifist argument void in my book.

I’ve taken some flak for my harsh anti-terrorism view, but it doesn’t change my stance.  I understand it sounds harsh, but I believe all terrorists should be killed.  Let me put it in softer terms, though the outcome is the same…I believe that what comes around should go around; what is sown should be reaped.  Or, I can put it this way:  Karma.  Whatever you want to call it, I believe it’s time to take a stand against all terrorism and against all hate, regardless of what face it bears.

There are more good people in the world than bad.  There is more kindness than hatefulness, but what happens is that every act of terrorism causes a dual reaction among people.  It can either paralyze people into a fearful existence or it can empower people into a positive position of helpfulness.  Let it do the latter.

Goodness, helpfulness, love, peace and truth will prevail in the end, but let me say this:  They will not prevail by taking a pacifist stance and excusing terrorist behavior.  They prevail by ridding our nation and our world of terrorism.  They prevail by stopping the hate, not explaining it away, justifying it or ignoring it. 

Take a stand against hate in all of its many forms, and love will conquer.  ~


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