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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Poisonous Prophets

In an email from a member of a cult group of which I will not name, I was accused of being a bad example of Christianity because I was “not believing” in prophetic visions or “offerings” from God.

 "The bad example you set by claiming to be a follower of Christ and then not believing in the prophetic offerings given from the Lord will bring about destruction."

I want to publically set the record straight, as this accusation has now been thrown at me numerous times. The Bible talks about the gift of prophesy, therefore I do believe in its existence.  It also speaks of false prophets and I do believe in their existence, especially within this particular evangelical group.  My only argument on the topic of prophetic offerings has been that there should be no inaccuracies in a prophetic word that has come from God.  The Almighty is perfect.  He does not error.  Therefore, if a word or a vision is truly from Him then no part of it will be false.  There is no exception to this rule. 

It is not that I don't believe in prophecy, it is that I only believe in accurate prophecy.

Excuses have been made by evangelical power-seeking leaders, stating that prophetic words are no longer expected to be 100% accurate, that human emotion, ego and misguided intentions can lead to misinterpretation and even that demonic influence can affect the given word.  To this, I say, bullshit.  Show me anywhere in the Bible where God says it’s okay to distort His word. 

Truth is truth.  Lies are lies.  God is ALL truth.  Satan is ALL lies often manifested as half-truths or twisted truths.

Here is why an inaccurate prophetic word cannot be excused with a sigh and a head tilt, and an, "oh, well, the flesh gets in the way sometimes."  If you're allowing the flesh to get in the way than you are not a prophet of the Lord, you are nothing more than a glorified psychic.

If you are a Christian then you possess within you the gift of the Holy Spirit, which is the indwelling of God's Holy Spirit.  If God gives you a prophetic word to deliver to someone else or to a group of people, His Holy Spirit within you will confirm that word 100% and when you go to speak it, you will not be nervous, afraid or have any red flags going off in your head, heart or spirit.  If there is even one teeny-tiny sense of apprehension inside of you...if there is even one teeny-tiny element of the word that is not completely accurate, then do not speak that word because it is not from God.

Every prophetic word...and I mean EVERY prophetic word that is from the Lord will be able to be confirmed and backed-up in every aspect in the written Word of God. 

If you want to go off half-cocked, spouting half-truths and words riddled with inaccuracies then go get yourself a job as a psychic.  But don't proclaim those falsehoods to be from the Almighty.

In all of the finger pointing at me, this particular cult group seems to have missed one very important element of Christianity.  The Bible.  The Bible is the living Word of God.  It is a culmination of the beginning and the end.  It encompasses everything.  God isn’t adding to the Bible because nothing needs to be added.  As you seek wisdom and knowledge, revelations of God’s truth become alive in you and you see things as you haven’t seen them before.  This is what the term "living Word" means.   The magic is that you can have read the same verse twenty times and it meant nothing to you, and then, all of a sudden, at the right moment in your life, when it is applicable, that same verse leaps from the page and nurtures your soul.  God’s Word feeds His children the right spiritual food at the right time.  It’s a personal walk.

God isn’t adding to the Bible, there is no sequel; everything is already in there, so if YOU are adding to it then you must realize that what you are adding is NOT from Him, but more likely from your own ego or from some form of spoon-fed deception.  Open your eyes. 

God doesn’t feed the false prophets, they feast on their own arrogance.

There are cult groups who like to behave as if God has given them a key to unlock the mysteries of His Word.  Jesus is the key and Jesus was given to everyone.  God isn’t entrusting a select few with the agenda of His Son’s glorious return.  He isn’t telling anyone the hour; and everything else you need to know has already been prophesied and recorded in the Bible. He’s not going to bestow upon some evangelical leader a vision of His return.  He already gave that vision to John on the isle of Patmos and told him to write it down.  It’s called the book of Revelations. 

There is nothing “new” that needs to be said.  God already said it all.  It’s ALL in His Word just waiting for you to discover it.  Does that mean He doesn’t speak to anyone anymore?  No.  What it means is that He speaks to individuals, personally, as they journey into His Word to get to know Him better.  He uncovers the truth that’s already been written and as you seek, He reveals more of His wisdom to you.

"The flesh gets in the way."  Oh, please!  If you believed for even an instant that the Almighty God spoke to you, would you alter even one word of it?  Would you change even a punctuation mark?  Are you that arrogant that you believe you have the authority to re-write the word of the Lord? 

Repulsive excuses.  Repulsive false prophets.  Repulsive elitism.

As far as me being a "bad example"...I'm a nobody...what I believe or don't believe doesn't affect the masses.  I don't have the power to cause destruction, but what your group leaders are doing causes more destruction and deception than any other force on the planet.   They are servants of the serpent in disguise, luring the youth with poisonous fruit. 

Look at the red flags around you…they are literally waving all over your campus… and open your eyes. ~




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