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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gender Line

I have to share a portion of a letter I received from a woman whom I have never met in person, but have been virtual friends with for the past several years.  She has given me permission to discuss this topic because we have grown to a place where we are now able to laugh about it; but I will not be using her name.

This is what she wrote:

I’d like to meet you face to face because I find myself strangely drawn to you.  I know you’re married but I can’t stop thinking about you and I’d like us to be closer.  There’s something deeper in you that draws me and attracts me and I want to know you better.

The rest of the letter is more personal and doesn’t need to be exposed.  Suffice to say, had this letter come from a man I would have disregarded it; but, since it was written by a woman, I felt compelled to respond.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been confronted by a woman, but this time was different.  This particular person wasn’t “hitting” on me in the context of some sexual innuendo, she was reaching toward me because she felt (in her words) “comfortably close” to me.

This got me thinking…

Whether male or female we don’t control to whom we find ourselves attracted.  Our only control is over actions taken on the basis of that attraction.  Sometimes even gender lines can blur.  Now, I realize in making that statement that I’ve just angered every evangelical, right-winger out there…I’m sorry.  Still, a soul attraction can occur and that isn’t based on the exterior, but forms from something that shines and connects from the inside.

There are people on the planet that simply make you feel good, that make you feel loved and appreciated and even adored.  There are human beings with whom you connect, and we don’t get to choose who they are…sometimes they just find each other, as if magnetically drawn.  Loving someone doesn’t mean the relationship has to be sexual…sometimes just being closely knit is powerful enough.  There exists a magic in being “comfortably close” to another person and I’ve come to realize that that magic cannot always be determined or defined by a concrete gender line. ~



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