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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Newspaper Nonsense

When my creative juices aren’t flowing, I will occasionally sift through the yahoo headlines and see if a story grabs me…if it does, I blog about it.  Today I sifted through sixty-five top stories, none of which were remotely interesting.  In fact, I can sum them up quite quickly by saying this:

Don’t kiss a lion, he might decide to make you lunch.

If you shoot people in a theatre, don’t be shocked if prosecutors seek the death penalty.

A top model can be a hero too. 

Don’t tattoo your dog, moron!

People can survive being lost in the icy mountains for six days…miracles happen.

Tragic death.  Sad death.  Horrible death.  Ugh…I hate the news!

Don’t wear capri pants that cut off in the middle of your calf…they make all legs look fat.

If you’re a state trooper you better ticket everyone you stop, because if you give a break to a State Representative, you just might lose your job. 

Celebrities are hitting the beach, wearing controversial t-shirts, crashing each other’s cars and being criticized for their charitable donations. Yada, yada, yada.

The First Lady wore the same dress three times.  Egads!  Alert the media… wait a minute, someone already did and it actually made the top headlines.  Geeze….do we need to get a life or what?!

That’s it… the most interesting headlines of the day.  Now I remember why I stopped reading the newspaper.  ~








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