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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top 9mm Moments

Mafia boss, Angel Maratinzano, has a new best friend… a 9mm; and she doesn’t leave home without it.  People may betray her trust, but her 9mm always comes to her defense.  Stuffed neatly in the waistband of her jeans and resting on her tailbone, her gun literally “has her back.”

Her gun is like a trusted friend…you may not always need them but it’s always nice to know they’re there….just in case.

Let’s take a look at Angel's Top 9mm Moments:

1.       She pulls the gun on Andrew, unsure of whether she can trust him.

2.      Grayson takes the gun from her hand and, later, Tasers her.

3.      She pulls the gun on Andrew again, lowering it only after he pulls her into a deep, and passionate kiss.

4.      In a hospital shoot-out, Angel freezes while another woman uses her 9mm to kill their attacker.

5.      Angel finally learns she can pull the trigger in a train station, while saving her mother.

6.      In a shoot-out with the Russians, Angel’s gun is taken but she makes do with a handheld Uzi, which she steals from a Russian mobster who had just been shot.

7.      Thrown from a plane in Death Trap, Angel’s 9mm survives the fall with her.

8.     Blown off of a pier, her gun is retrieved from the bottom of the lake.

9.      With her finger on the trigger and her gun in Anya’s face, Angel must decide whether to let sense or rage be her guide.

If you haven’t met Angel Maratinzano, her aunt Olga, Giovanni, Salvatore, her mother Sophia and love interests, Tony and Andrew…what are you waiting for????
The Just Call Me Angel series has been called a "non-stop ride of action and adventure" by BookWatch Magazine and a "bona fide suspense thriller" by APEXreviews.
In the words of the Godfather, "I'm going to ask you to do me a little favor".... read these books...that's an offer you shouldn't refuse.  :)



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