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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tasers, Lasers and Phasers

When I grow old, I want to be like Aunt Olga from the Just Call Me Angel series.  I want to appreciate each day, have a positive outlook and a spunky demeanor.  I want to make people smile with my silliness or whimsical wit.  Sure, Olga can be an eavesdropping, mis-match-making, Taser toting nuisance at times; but she’s always there for Angel.  That’s the solid sort of woman I want to become, especially for my children.

I might be over-zealous, explosive and downright difficult to handle, but my loyalty and devotion will never be in question.  I want my loved ones to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m “in”… that I’m down with it, hip to it, up for it, in the mix, got a grip, rockin’, rollin’, willing and ready to participate in whatever life brings.

Whether armed with Tasers, lasers or phasers, I want my family to know I’ve got their back; that there’s nothing in this world we can’t work through and walk through together.

I don’t want years or fears to slow me down because the way I see it, we get one life and, like Olga, I want to live in the moment…every moment of every hour of every day. ~


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  1. I have no doubt that is exactly how you'll be, Susan. (And BTW, that last cartoon is the mantra of my middle-aged life!


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