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Monday, November 19, 2012

Attacking House of Lies

In light of the similarities between my latest release, House of Lies, and the tragic death of Bethany Deaton, I have come under attack by some people in the IHOP organization. This is because they perceive the novel to be written about them. 

It is not. 

House of Lies is a fictional story based on many years of research of many cult-type groups and leaders, both past and present.  It is not a book about one organization nor one leader. In fact, I conducted an in-depth study of five groups in order to create the fictional cult in my book.

It is not a true story and any likeness to real people, both living and dead, and to real events, past, present and future, are purely coincidental.

I have received hate mail from IHOP supporters and they are now trying to destroy my reputation as an author by placing negative reviews of House of Lies on Amazon and other websites.  It is doubtful they have even read the entire novel.

In their reviews they are, of course, afraid to use their real names; however their code names are the same as the ones they use to comment on various other websites that stand against the IHOP movement.  Not very subtle.

Let it be known that I look at each review, positive or negative, as the subjective opinion of one reader and I do not base my skills as an author on any one opinion. 

I do find it ironic that IHOP supporters are the only ones striking out at me.  All other reviews have been positive, as noted by this review from True Blue Ebook Review, dated October 18, 2012.








  1. Something went wrong with your link in the last paragraph. I believe you wanted to link to this review of your book:

  2. Given that your book deals with religious cults, it may be a good idea to mention

    How to select a cult expert:

    Other than that: Mexican food, an extra spicy Bloody Mary, forgiveness and Jesus? Excellent combination!

    Stay strong.




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