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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Covering Their Asses

I just read the headlines that Micah Moore, confessed killer of Bethany Deaton, has retracted his admission of guilt and is now saying Bethany really did kill herself.  You can read the full story here.

I find this puzzling, but not surprising.  It isn’t the first time a death that had any relation to IHOP was suddenly dismissed or covered up.  Sadly, unless this movement is shut down, it won’t be the last.

In his first statement to police, Micah Moore described exactly how Bethany died, telling them that he held a plastic bag over her head until her body shook.  That’s a pretty graphic description for someone who was never at the scene.

Moore’s attorney is saying he made the confession under duress over the suicide of his dear friend.  I’m throwing a big, fat, red IHOP flag on this one. 

He may have confessed while under duress, but it wasn’t from grief.  My guess:  if he was under duress it was from fear. 

See, Moore might not have killed her… he might have taken the fall for someone who did…someone like Tyler Deaton perhaps?  Or someone else in the upper echelon of the IHOP organization?  Someone who stood to lose a lot if Bethany ever told the truth about what was really happening behind IHOP’s veil of secrecy.

The saddest part of this whole thing is that while IHOP tries to cover its tracts and save its ass, Bethany’s family is suffering with no closure in sight.

I pray the truth comes out and this prayer alone should make many leaders at IHOP very nervous.  ~



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