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Friday, November 16, 2012

Bickle Lies in Letter to Other Leaders

Below is a letter the International House of Prayer founder, Mike Bickle, sent to other IHOP locations and leaders.  It was then forwarded to associated groups by Gary Wiens, IHOPNW.

Dear Friends of the International House of Prayer,

Mike Bickle, Director of IHOP-Kansas City, sent out this note today, and it's important for all to see. Thanks and blessings,

Gary Wiens, IHOPNW

Mike Bickle's letter begins here:
This is a tragic and bizarre situation that is all over the media in KC. We have received sad and sobering news today from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office regarding the death of Bethany Deaton, who was originally believed to have committed suicide on Oct 30. A tight knit religious group of about 15 young people moved to IHOPU from Texas with the specific goal of infiltrating us and even taking over IHOPU. They were a close knit group for several years before moving to KC together (under a cloak of secrecy to try to get involved in IHOP and get into positions of influence etc.) Authorities notified us yesterday that an IHOPU student, who knew Bethany since their college days and is a member of a Texas-based religious group who has recently come to IHOPU, has been charged with her murder. We are passionate that this group's secrecy and religious practices are exposed.

There is an ongoing investigation and we ask you to join us in praying for Bethany's family and all those involved in this tragic situation. We all want to join the IHOPU faculty and student body as they grieve together with the family of Bethany Deaton and all who are involved.

Note also: The guy who confessed to murder told this to the police. He said they cursed the IHOPU leadership and sought to take it over. They were together for several years before all moving together to KC. They have very perverse sexual practices and believe their leader is a chief apostle, etc.

Please pray for us.
Mike Bickle
End of letter.

It never ceases to amaze me how cult groups, such as the International House of Prayer, play the victim.  Bickle states that this group from Texas came to IHOPU with the express purpose of infiltrating them and even taking over.  This is ludicrous.  And, let it be noted that Tyler Deaton was a Division leader in IHOP, not in IHOPU. 

It is time to call a spade, a spade.  It is time to look at the tree that is bearing the bad fruit and cut it down.

There are inside sources at IHOP-KC and they will continue to leak truth to the media and to those who stand against this cult group.  Bickle and others in leadership will undoubtedly continue to scramble, change their stories and lie; but eventually those lies will run dry.

Bethany's family, and the families of every person involved in IHOP and its many branches, deserve to know the truth. 


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  1. This is really a tangled web, isn't it? Scary stuff. And all in the name of God.


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