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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Everyone has hot buttons.  They are those things in life that you just cannot tolerate.  They are the things that send you instantly over the edge.  My biggest hot button:  Injustice

This weekend a news story broke about a young woman in Grandview, Missouri named Bethany Deaton.  She was 27 years old and she was murdered.  I posted the story on this blog yesterday, so if you haven’t read it you can either Google her name or scroll down and read the story.

New evidence has revealed that Bethany's husband, Tyler Deaton, was the man who ordered Micah Moore to kill her, stating “he knew he had it in him to do it.”

Why did they kill her?  Because she had information they didn't want shared.  Because she knew too much.  Because they had to keep her from talking, from revealing the truth about what was happening behind closed doors.

Bethany, her husband Tyler, Micah Moore and the other men involved were all members of IHOP (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City.  Sure, they may have held separate prayer meetings at their home, but the practices they were using were taught and learned at IHOP.  They are not the only ones practicing these methods.  Their story made the news because it ended in death, but countless others are still suffering.
Allen Hood of IHOP claims they were not “active” members and tries to paint the picture that they were members several years ago and were currently operating separately from IHOP. This is false information.  Tyler Deaton's group was a "friendship group" from IHOP.  He was listed as a Friendship Group Leader on the IHOP hand-out.  And, noteable to mention is the fact that IHOP removed this information from their website today, undoubtedly realizing it did not support the false statement made by Allen Hood.

Here is the IHOP hand-out from only nine days ago. Tyler Deaton’s name was listed on the Administrative Team at IHOP.  I didn't black out any names and contact information because this was publically available on their site.

Handout from IHOP Church (Forerunner Christain Fellowship) 9 days ago.
FCF Handout 11042012
by IHOPKC Friendship Groups
Friendship Groups Administrative Team
November 4, 2012
Jon Boegl Department Director (928) 255-3576 jonboegl@ihopkc.org  
Michelle Chamberlain Admin. Coordinator (260) 610-4937 michellechamberlain@ihopkc.org
Caleb Chamberlain Creative Media/Social Networking (260) 610-2533
Division Coordinators:
Get Connected Find out more: IHOPKC Friendship Groups “Above all, LOVE each other deeply...” 1 Peter 4:8
Funny how a person “not actively involved” would be listed as being on the Administrative Team.  Ironic, how a designated leader of a friendship group arranged by IHOP is all of a sudden said to be completely separate from them.  Something smells rotten and that's because it is... rotten to the core.

In addition to this, Tyler Deaton has a personal website.  As of last night, it has been sealed and opened to “members only.”  However, I was fortunate enough to receive a downloaded copy of it before it was shut down and on the first page in the ABOUT ME section, Tyler writes:
“I am student in Kansas City, MO at
the International House of Prayer,
in the second year of a 6-year
preparation to overseas missions.”
Why would a non-active member of an organization claim to be in his second year of a six-year program?  I’d say only an ACTIVE member would use this description.
IHOP is trying to distance themselves from Bethany’s death, just like they've done with every IHOP-related death, through more lies.  This isn’t the first time and sadly, it won’t be the last.  Remember the death of Jeremiah Candler four years ago?   How many people will have to die before the lies stop?

My prayers go out to Bethany's family in this most painful hour of loss and betrayal. 
Let this blog be a call for justice.  IHOP has been built upon a foundation of threats and lies, and it is no different today.   Don’t let Bethany’s death be in vain.  Let it at least expose the truth...the truth about a dangerous organization...a truth that can protect others from the same fate.   
Don’t let IHOP get away with murder….literally.  It is a terrible injustice to her and to her family.



  1. The whole IHOP story is despicable from A to Z. Thank you for letting others know about the lies and crimes stemming from this group.


  2. Susan, thanks for speaking out. You have courage in this era of secrecy. Americans, open your eyes.

  3. Look up IHOP and Mike Bickle in google you'll find all kinds of cult like stories and stuff. Don't be surprised if Tyler Deaton explains the source of this sexual deviancy is due to Bickle's strange Bridegroom of Jesus misinterpretation of the Song of Solomon! Look that up too... It's bizzare! Sexualize Jesus... Christians have Jesus living in them... Have sex with other Christians (male OR female)... = having sex with Jesus!!!! Even IHOPU has a subtle sexual connotation!

  4. http://www.kctv5.com/story/20113134/missouri-pastor-refuses-to-step-down-despite-accusations-of-sex-crimes-against-children

    Where is your outrage about all of the above?

  5. This is heartbreaking and frightening to see. I, unfortunately, had hands on experience with this "church" working directly with social services on the Jeremiah Chandler case. I no longer live in KC and just heard about Bethany's death, recognizing the sad similarities of IHOP doing everything they can to separate themselves in every way from any guilt. Sickening...

    1. Sorry, typo. My phone auto-corrected Candler to Chandler.

  6. I am devastated...I first went there in 2009. I have been back twice for spiritual sabbaticals. I once planned to join the ministry, but was side tracked in another direction (thank God). I spread the word about IHOP far and wide...then I sas going to send an evangelist there for a retreat and I pulled them up on the web...and OH$@÷€#&!!! I read bickels autobiography, theology, (as Christians we are the bride of Christ but THAT CRAP is nuts!) and then the murders and cover up."You will know them by their fruits"...WOW


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