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Monday, January 16, 2012

When Fiction and Reality Collide

One of the advantages of being a fiction writer is that you get to do things, at least on paper, that you'd never have the opportunity to do in real life. While writing my Mafia suspense series, Just Call Me Angel, I've had the chance to fire an Uzi, kill some bad guys, and lead a meeting of Mob Bosses.... things I obviously haven't done, nor would want to do, in real life.  (Well, maybe fire an Uzi, just once to know what it feels like.)

Today I got to blow up a Gulfstream 4 jet.  Before I blew it up I had to research its structure and basic fabrication, both interior and exterior.  I had to design the inside, choosing the color of the leather seats and couches and creating the overall aura of the space. I've never been on a G4 so it was fun to pretend it was mine, if only on the computer screen.

Once that was done I added in my characters, which is when the plot came to life.

For me, it is extra-exciting when fiction and reality collide because then I am truly writing from experience and the words flow from my fingertips at rapid speed. In the scene today I got to take my personal sky diving experience and apply it to one of the characters.  I was able to detail the fear I remember feeling and describe the pressure of the air, the tightening harness around me and the mental battle to try to relax and breathe as you plummet to the earth at 120 mph, 18,000 feet above sea level. Even as I typed my heart beat faster and adrenaline surged through me.

Then, I added in something I, thankfully, did not experience in real life.  As my characters fell toward the ground the jet exploded, sending a nauseating wave of heat over them.  Will they be able to control the chute and land safely?

My fingers perch in ready position on the keyboard.... we'll see.

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