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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wisdom in His Ramblings

Have you ever met someone that changed your entire perspective?  Why is it that a stranger can make you see things in ways even those closest to you cannot?  Is it that their opinion matters more because somehow we deem it to be unbiased?  Maybe. 

I met an older gentlemen at one of my daughter's shows a few weeks ago.  His wife reads mystery novels and so I gave him one of my business cards.  Yesterday he emailed me from my website and told me how much his wife was enjoying my book.  He also remarked that he enjoyed our conversation at the theatre and called me "lovely and warm."  (I previously blogged about the effect those words had on my always-striving-to-be-vivacious-and-young psyche.)  I emailed back, thanking him for his kind words and offering his wife a free copy of one of my other books.  I assumed our contact, brief as it was, was over and the likelihood of me hearing from him again was slim.

To my surprise he emailed me back, only this time he talked about a past part of my life that was once near and dear to me.  He had gone to my website, read my bio and acting resume, my reviews and press releases; and wrote to me from an outsider's perspective, as a person who was taking a mere glimpse into someones soul.  His questions were poignant and yet sincere... and he got me thinking about things I haven't thought of in years.  Could I?  Dare I?  Yes. No. Maybe.

He ended his correspondence by stating there were no chance encounters and that there was often wisdom found in the ramblings of an old man. 

The truth is, had it all not played out in this very strangest of ways, I would have never even considered the possibility of opening that door in my life again.  Now, I must ask myself do I believe it was a chance encounter?  Could there be wisdom in his ramblings?  Has the stage been set and waiting until the precise moment in time when I was somehow subconsciously ready?

Is there wisdom in his ramblings?  I don't know, but of one thing I am sure...I have no choice now but to find out.


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