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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Magic in Marital Sex

The question from Patti is:  "In your Bio you state that you believe marriage requires a lot of sex, what do you mean by this and why do you think it's so important?"

Years ago my husband and I conducted our own little marital experiment.  We had read about a couple that committed themselves to having sex every day for one year. They claimed it radically changed their marriage for the better.  So, we decided to commit ourselves to having sex every day for one month.  The experiment was so successful, we did it for another month and another and another and another.  Before we knew it we had indeed gone one full year. 

With my husband's travel schedule we were unable to have sex every day, but we managed to have it every day that he was in town for one full year.  It transformed our relationship and we are still reaping the benefits.  So, when I say sex is important in marriage, I'm speaking from our personal experience.

Sex opens the lines of communication, which is why I think it's so important in marriage.  It is a physical form of intimacy that strengthens the depth of the marital bond.  When you commit to consistently pleasuring one another on a physical level, you suddenly become closer on all levels and you find that your emotional needs are being met as well.  It ignites passion, blossoms friendship and deepens love. 

When couples stop making-love, their relationship can grow stagnant and stagnancy often leads to disaster.  

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Thank you for your question, Patti.  I hope I've answered adequately.  :)


  1. I love your frank and honest answer. I agree that the level of intimacy between a couple is heightened for the better. I do want to add however that I believe it is the act of "making love" and not necessarily intercourse that brings a couple closer. For instance during those trips away from each other, a loving conversation can help to "bridge the gap".
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  2. I absolutely agree! It's been our experience that a simple willingness and openness is often all it takes to make the other feel important, thereby building trust and strengthening the bond. Thanks for commenting Chelle! :)


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