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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Lovely, Warm Blanket

Several weeks ago I met an older gentleman at one of my daughter's shows.  We engaged in small talk after the show while I waited for my daughter to change out of her costume so we could go home.  During our conversation he told me that his wife enjoyed reading mystery novels, so I explained I was an author of suspense novels and gave him one of my business cards.  My daughter and I then left and I haven't seen this man since.

Today, on my author website,  I received a sweet email from him in which he told me his wife was enjoying my books and how much he enjoyed our conversation.  He said I was "lovely and warm."

At first I tilted my head slightly to the left, smiled sheepishly and felt that "awwww" sensation fill me.  "Lovely and warm."  I'd never been called those things before.  Then, I read the sentence again, and again, and again.... and my smile fell downward and my shoulders slumped into a deep, deflated sigh.  I am lovely and warm... like a blanket....a big 'ol furry blanket.  At some point, while I was busy with life, time had sucked away vivacious and youth and replaced it with lovely and warmth.

Sigh.  He meant it as a compliment, I am sure of that; but to me it is yet one more reminder of my youthfulness quickly slipping away.

Tonight, I will apply an extra dose of my collagen eye lift cream in hopes of clinging to one more second of vivaciousness.  I will lie in bed awake and resolve to be perkier, more energetic, and more lively; and I will keep that promise to myself for a few days before the chaos of life wears me down and I flop once again onto my bed like a lovely, warm blanket. 

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