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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The "Olga Complex"

Spammers piss me off.  That statement applies to online, email and telephone spammers.  People who intentionally comment on blog posts only for the purpose of marketing their products should be smacked.  I understand the importance of marketing but do they honestly believe this is an effective way to increase sales?  Are they really that stupid?  This type of spamming is up there in my book with all of the penile dysfunction spam emails I receive.  I mean, really?  I don’t even have a penis so why are they sending me advertisements for ED drugs?  Have they ever considered targeting their spam emails to an appropriate demographic?  Perhaps that would prove more prosperous…duh?!

Another form of spamming that I find utterly distasteful are the telemarketers that call me at home to solicit their products.  If I want a vacuum I’ll go purchase one at the store.  If I’m interested in a timeshare, I’ll contact a realtor on my own, thank you very much.  Please, don’t try to sell me something when I’m in the middle of homework or dinner.  I consider it rude.  It creates in me what I call the “Olga Complex.” 
This is a reference that has grown out of the Just Call Me Angel series and is based on the character of Angel’s Great Aunt, Olga.  When Olga gets angry or annoyed, she feels an ever-growing and powerful desire to Taser the object of her irritation.  With regards to spammers, I can totally relate.  One little zap through the telephone lines would most assuredly remove my name from their call list.  I have to admit, it’s an electrifying thought!  J


  1. I've been thinking lately that somehow we must have gotten off of the "Do Not Call" list, because all of a sudden we're getting a lot of calls. It's annoying!

  2. Us too! It's been maddening and even when I say, "Will you please take us off of your call list?" They hang up on me. I don't get it... I'm never going to buy a product from someone who calls me and is rude to me on the phone... duh?! Surely they understand this, right?


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