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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Freedom in the Snow

I love snow!  I especially like when we have a crazy, hectic day planned and a surprise snowstorm comes rolling in and renders our plans obsolete.  With our schedule now free, what would have been a day of “have-tos” becomes a day of “want-tos.”  It becomes a day where we can do anything; which is so exciting because our schedule allows for very few of these days.  We can play in the snow, drink hot chocolate, snuggle in and watch a movie with popcorn and soda, play Xbox, color pictures, or have a ping pong match without ever looking at the clock and having to get ready to go somewhere.  I know many people dislike snow, but for me, there is freedom in a snowstorm.  Practices and games are canceled.  Team parties and lessons are postponed.   Our world stops and for a moment, we get to relax.  It feels cleansing, and in an odd way, it helps to renew the mind and refresh the soul.  It allows us family time we otherwise wouldn’t get.   So, I say, bring on the snow!  J

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