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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Broken Chair

I’ve never been very good at ignoring a problem.  Once I am aware of it, I have this innate need to try and fix it.  This is a great attribute with regards to physical objects.  If something in our home breaks I’m on top of it.  I can duct tape it, hot glue it, putty it, paint it, clean it, caulk it, you name it, and I’ll find a way to repair the damaged object.  As a last resort, I’ll even call in a professional or if absolutely necessary, replace the item. 

Problems with people are not so easy to repair, nor is it easy to know when to stop trying.  I’ve come to believe that just like a broken chair, some relationships cannot be mended.  You can say the right words but if the other person ignores them, it is as if you haven’t spoken at all. 
It’s like trying to fix a wooden chair leg with Elmer’s glue…it’s not going to work. ~

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