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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mail of Malice

As I’m wading through mounds of emails I thought I would take a moment and share with my readers some of the expressions of malice I have received as a result of my novel, House ofLies.  I don’t have any proof that these were sent to me by International House of Prayer (IHOP) members, however, my gut tells me they were, as previous emails of this nature have been from IHOP members; so I’m going to proceed in that manner.


“You have chosen to befriend homosexuals instead of the Lord and have mocked His people in House of Lies.  You mock our prophetic understanding and may God make an example of you and strike you down with the lightning of justice.”


“You would be better off dead than to cross the Lord’s work.  Read Acts and be warned.”


“If I were you I would watch my back.”


“Mike Bickle is a chosen apostle of the Lord and you are a fool to stand against him. Gods favor rests upon the godly.”


Yes, I am friends with homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals and metrosexuals.  I don’t befriend nor defriend people based on their sexuality.  I don’t judge.  It isn’t my job.  It isn’t my calling. It isn’t the way I want to live my life.  Furthermore, if you want to pull out your Bible I’m quite certain you’ll find several verses in the New Testament that specifically tell you NOT to judge.


As far as the accusation of mocking God’s people in House of Lies, I do not see how this is relevant.  I don’t mock your “prophetic understanding” because there is no understanding to mock.  The prophecies upon which your cult group (IHOP) is built have been proven false.  (* Look up the KC Prophets, The Blueprint Prophesy, The Ernie Gruen Report) Your leader has openly admitted to the fact that the majority of prophesies coming out of IHOP are not accurate and he preaches that inaccurate prophetic words are acceptable.  For me to say this practice of false prophesy is bogus is not me mocking you….it is simply me stating a fact.  It is my personal belief that any prophetic word that comes from the Lord will be 100% accurate.  If there is even the slightest inaccuracy than the so-called prophetic word is not from God.  It's either all right or all wrong.  God doesn't deal in half-truths.

In addition, and not to tread on your arrogance, House of Lies wasn’t written about YOU.  It’s a fictional cult group with a fictional leader.  (The only reason IHOP members believe the book is about them is because an IHOP member's [Bethany Deaton] murder was striking similar to the story.)

Second, I’m not crossing the Lord’s work, nor would I ever.  I know it and He knows it and that's all that matters. 

Third, I have read the book of Acts and my backside is being watched...but thank you for your concern.

As for Mike Bickle… he is a self-proclaimed apostle of the Lord.  I don’t stand against him on a personal level.  I stand against ANY cult leader who manipulates Scripture, spews bigotry, spreads lies in the name of God and deceives the youth in an attempt to build an end-times army that has destroyed families, taken lives and has the potential to become ever-more dangerous.  I stand against that, not against one man.

You can continue to email me with your words of warning, but it would better behoove you to  spend your time researching IHOP for yourself, instead of settling for being spoon-fed lies simply because the acceptance of it all "feels" good.  Drugs "feel" good too, but they destroy you from the inside out.


Instead of pointing a finger at me, it sounds like you have some very tough questions to ask yourself...

...and to ask God.  Good luck.  ~

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  1. Susan:
    Where have I been that your book has had such controversy for you? UGH! I am so sorry this has happened to you and that you are facing all this hate over a BOOK YOU WROTE! UGH! What is wrong with people? What is wrong with people? I can't believe people would LIE, who are claiming to be CHRISTIAN, would lie about your book on Amazon and try to hurt you like that because of a FICTIONAL CULT you wrote about in your book. Stand strong. And remember--there is no bad publicity. Controversy actually sells more books. I'm proud of you!


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