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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

May It Never Be Me

I am still playing catch-up with regards to my 2012 email responses.  I have approximately 60-70 flagged emails awaiting my response and then I will begin tackling the 2013 ones.  Today I came across an email from a woman I do not personally know, but with whom I am Facebook “friends.”
This is what she wrote:

“Dear Susan, I think you should re-do your blog because it is not cohesive and since you are an author I would think you would want your blog to read more eloquently and flow smoothly.  Your topics appear random and jump subjects daily.  It is confusing for readers.”

The audacity of human beings never ceases to amaze me. 

I read numerous blogs every week and never once have I sent the writer an email voicing my opinion of the manner in which their blog is styled.  I haven’t and I wouldn’t. 

Now, I realize we live in the land of free speech, which entitles each individual the liberty to voice his or her opinion.  I do love our freedoms; however, unless someone specifically asks your opinion of their blog, page, website, partner, hair, weight or anything else in life, a good rule of thumb is to keep quiet. 

Despite the rude nature of the action itself, the email-er was correct; my blog does jump from topic to topic.  What I write about on Monday will most likely have nothing to do with what I post on Tuesday.  What can I say...welcome to my random world.

See, my life isn’t organized into topics or compartmentalized into neat little categories.  I’m usually flying by the seat of my pants, one idea running into the next, schedules constantly overlapping…. I don’t live an orderly lifestyle so my blog cannot reflect one.

I blog about things happening in the moment, things I’ve been studying, and things that interest me.  I blog about exercise, religion, sex, love, cults, friendship, humor, food, children, pets, romance, emotion, depression, books and God.  In essence, I blog about my world and the things that concern or affect me.  That’s why this is my blog and not yours.

Even if I wanted to I couldn’t organize it for you… for my thoughts are as random and ever-changing as the wind.  I don’t know what I’ll feel like writing from one moment to another, no more than I know what food I will crave from one meal to the next.  My world is that fickle and I like it that way. 

Life isn’t a controlled substance… it’s a wild, spontaneous ride.  There are ups and downs and twists and turns and anything goes….so why should I limit my written blog experiences to only a few topics?  Why would I want to take the excitement of living and dull it down by applying a set of limits?

I’d rather be random than boring.  Random feels open, limitless and free.   Boring is...well, may it never be me.     ~

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  1. This reader must read pretty boring blogs.Mine, too, covers a lot of topics. We''re writers, for Pete's sake! The job title alone entitles us to write about anything we choose.


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