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Monday, October 1, 2012

"You Will Not Budge Me"

When a person says, “You’ll never budge me,” what they are really saying is that your opinion, what matters to you, and how you feel are of unimportance to them.  Can there be anything more painful than knowing your heart doesn’t matter?

I look back at many of the situations in my life, when I made poor choices and hurt people with wreck-less behavior or selfish actions.  If I could go back in time I’d certainly do things differently.  Despite my many flaws, and there are many, I can honestly say I have never ignored someone who came to me out of concern for my well-being.  I never arrogantly said, “You will not budge me.”  I never egotistically turned a blind-eye and uttered, “We’ll just agree to disagree.”  I think that’s because, deep down in my heart, I always respected the people who cared about me.  Even if I was angry at them, I still held a certain respect for the fact that they loved me and that they wanted only the best for me.  In my most rebellious moments, their words were not ignored; but sank deep into my heart and tenderized the places I had become hardened.

Years ago, when I moved to Los Angeles and became involved in a New Age cult-type movement, my mother and my husband confronted me with their concerns.  In fact, it was the fact that they took the time to study the movement and continued to talk with me about it, that eventually led to me opening my eyes and realizing how dangerously false it was.  Even when I thought I was right and they were wrong, I listened and I never said, “You will not budge me.”  Deep down, I knew their words came from love and I respected them enough to know that they wouldn’t come to me with lies; but only with the truth.

In looking back, I realize that God strategically placed people in my life to help steer me away from danger.  Had I arrogantly blown them off, I shudder to think where I would be today…or if I would even be alive today.  Egotism often blocks our ability to see the truth, even when it lies right in front of us.
In the Just Call Me Angel series, Angel often struggles with a desire to rebel against the rules of the Mafia world. But she realizes that the people around her, her family, want the best for her and help provide balance in what can often be a violent, dangerous place. She learns quickly that arrogance can get a person killed and she must trust those who love her with her life; knowing they care enough to protect her. Even when Giovanni’s words are not what she wants to hear, she respects the fact that he will not mis-lead her; and despite their many disagreements, she never says, “You will not budge me.” Deep down she knows that her God-given family will never let her down.

Most of us don't live in the Mafia world, but I think it is important to realize the danger of arrogance in the real world.  I think it is crucial to understand that the human ego can be used as a weapon and can hurt the people that love you.  It might not get you killed like in the Just Call Me Angel series, but arrogance can certainly kill relationships.
Proudly uttering the words, "You will not budge me," might come back to haunt you, because one day, you might want to budge and you will have pushed everyone who truly loves you, out of your life. ~
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  1. Sometimes the Lord uses little shots of oil (kind of like wd-40) here, there & a little bit more down the line to budge the 'unbudgeable' . It isn't always overnight but sometimes takes time. We have to trust Him to move folks, open eyes or whatever needs to happen because ultimately He cares even more than we do about folks that we are concerned about. I think it is importantly that we prayerfully do our part & leave the rest to Him & trust Him & His timing.

  2. We should at least listen.


  3. i believe i am a good listener, hoping to respect the opinions of others. sometimes i talk way too much -- i am overly stimulated by crowds and energy -- but, i often think about what was said, later. however, there is this thing called POLITICS. yes, i am very involved in the political Facebook scene -- it is how i am able to "campaign". while i accept most differing views and can carry on a kind conversation, one member of my extended family becomes very vitriolic and does the online version of screaming. so there are situations where i think "agreeing to disagree" must be said.


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