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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unbearable Suffering

Last Friday, ten year old, Jessica Ridgeway disappeared on her way to school…. a walk she took every day.  A body was found yesterday only seven miles from her home.   Police have yet to confirm it is hers. 

I’ve followed this story and wept.  I’ve cried for the family and for Jessica.  There is nothing worse than losing a child.  There is no greater pain in this world; and to add the injustice of the loss being caused by a criminal act is unbearable.  It should never happen. 

It makes me sit back and wonder what the hell this world is coming to?!  What kind of horrible person steals and kills children?  I can’t get my head around it…and it breaks my heart.  It is beyond all rational comprehension.

Child molesters and child abductors should be murdered.  Plain and simple.  They should not get a trial.  They should be killed as slowly and painfully as possible.  Even then, justice would not be served.  People who steal children away from their families don’t deserve to live.  Period.  No “ifs,” no “ands,” and no “buts.”  You steal and/or kill a child and you die.

The Bible says to pray for our enemies.  I pray right now for the person who abducted Jessica Ridgeway…. I pray that the person endures pain, hardship and death.  I pray that the person writhes in agony and receives no help from anyone and suffers endlessly.   Molesters and abductors are like demons clothed in human flesh and I pray a band of vigilantes will rise up with shot-guns and send these demons back to hell, where they belong.  Amen.

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