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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Promotional Journey

Being a writer is a passion.  Being an author is a full-time job.  I had no idea when entering the realm of “authorship” that I would also become a publicist, a web designer, a marketer, an advertiser, a sales representative and a data analyst. All of which, by the way, are new fields to me.  The promotional journey of an author is tedious but rewarding; for it takes only one satisfied reader to bring worth to the volume of work.

I have heard criticism about authors “hawking their books”… which is simply a derogatory slang for their promotional efforts.  Usually such bashing is done by writers who have grown bitterly jaded by the set-backs commonly known in this industry.  One lady noted on a literary discussion board, “if I can’t get my book published then I certainly don’t want to hear about yours.”   As in any artistic endeavor, the stakes are high, the odds are against and the majority quit before they ever give one hundred percent of themselves to their dream.  Don’t let these voices silence yours.

If you are an author, proudly promote yourself and your books.  There is no shame in telling someone you have written a novel and would love for them to read it.  There is no discredit in promoting your hard work and dedication to your craft.  Whether your book is published by a New York House, a medium or small press, self-published or yet-to-be published… it is in existence because YOU endured the labor pains to birth it.  You would not apologize for a baby that just came out of your womb would you?  Certainly not. You would show it to the world while beaming with the joy and pride of motherhood.  It is the same with your novel. 

Writers are unfulfilled without readers to drink in their words.  Readers are thirsty without someone to offer them a beverage.  Promotion connects the reader to the writer so they both end up satisfied.  It is a key component of success in any industry… so don’t sit in silence, hoping someone will find you.  Speak up and let the world know your Promotional Journey has begun and you’ve got something wonderful to offer.  ~

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