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Monday, November 15, 2010

Big BUT Syndrome

Do you have a big BUT problem? 

I’m not talking about the size of your backside, but rather the strength of your excuses.  Just as we all have butts, we most certainly all possess buts.  Some are big.  Some are small.  No matter the size, if we let them, they will control us, keeping us on our butts instead of up and moving to pursue our dreams. 

I want to be a writer, BUT I don’t have the time.  I want to get published, BUT I can’t find a publisher.  I want to sell a million books, BUT I don’t know how. 

But, BUt, BUT!  There are few more powerful words in the English language than the word “but.”  It has the ability to immobilize, stagnate and utterly destroy everything you want to become…if you let it.

If you suffer from Big But Syndrome, it’s time to take control and lose the weight those buts are placing on your shoulders.  Shrink your but problem by getting rid of the excuses and focusing only on the dream. 

I want to be a writer.  I want to get published.  I want to sell a million books.  

Don’t let your BUT hold you back!   J

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