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Friday, March 29, 2013

Titillating Technology

Computers…nothing fits the old adage “you can’t live with ‘em and you can’t live without ‘em” better than computers. When they function properly, are virus free, and intuitively anticipate your next request, they are like a gift straight from the Heavens.  You maneuver around them gracefully, your fingers barely striking the keys in a dance of whimsical bliss.  When they stall, freeze, shut down and crash, it is as if they came straight from the pit of Hell…and you want nothing more than to obliterate your machine.
Admittedly, I have had moments when I have desired to chuck my laptop across the room and even threatened to Taser it.  I’ve spewed obscenities at it, cursed its very existence and fallen to my knees begging it to work.  Not some of my finer moments.

Thirty years ago, computer frustration didn’t exist, at least not for the general public.  We may have experienced road rage but computer rage was unheard of.  The only electronic frustration back then was when one of our three television channels produced static and we had to move the rabbit ears around until we could find that magic spot where reception was clear.

We thought THAT was bad…little did we know the irritations that lie ahead with the onslaught of technology.

Computers …we loathe them, we love them, we curse them, we cradle them…and ultimately we must admit they control not only our ability to communicate, but often times, our emotional and mental stability.  They make us delighted and depressed, excited and annoyed, joyful and jaded.

Computers …we can no longer live without them.  They’ve become an addiction, a basic need to function in society.  They teach us, they taunt us, they help us and haunt us… Oh, such titillating technology!  ~

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