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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colorado's 4G Craze

Colorado has become a 4G focused network, and I’m not talking about cellular coverage. I’m referring to:  Grass.  Gay Rights.  Guns.  And Gas. 

Oh, the questions that plague the minds of Colorado voters.  Should we be allowed to do this, should it be okay to do that, and so on and so forth.  It’s absolutely exhausting. 

Statewide, Coloradans can roll a fatty, smoke a doobie and carry up to an ounce of marijuana without worrying about being arrested by local law enforcement.  This law sort of gives the John Denver song a whole new meaning…“Rocky Mountain high, Colorado.”  While half of the state celebrates with a half pipe, the other half labors over what new laws need to be instated to ensure driver safety and penalties for stoned driving…that is, if they can determine beyond a shadow of a doubt that a person is indeed stoned when they are pulled over.  While radical Republicans worry that Colorado will become the next Amsterdam, radical liberals bask in the beauty of their peace pipes and utter, “I love you, man.”

And that’s just one issue plaguing the state.  Republicans are up in arms about the Gay Rights bill passed, allowing civil union for homosexuals.  Liberals proclaim they won’t stop fighting until a bill allowing gay marriage is passed; while radical right-wingers revolt, spewing God’s judgment and condemnation on the state.  

And those in the middle roll another fatty and hope everyone shuts up soon.

The whole state is up in arms, literally, as gun shows reach an all-time high in both gun sales and ammunition sales.  Liberals fight for magazine limits while Republicans try to shoot down their arguments. 

And the rest of the state wakes and bakes to try to avoid the conflict.

Gas prices skyrocket and Environmentalists go crazy over Fracking.  Save the environment or lower the cost of fuel…apparently we can’t have both.

And the stoners see that if the radical left and right wing dopes would smoke some dope there might be peace in the world.

What’s the answer?  I have no idea.  Maybe the left and the right need to be locked in a room until they can hash it all out…no pun intended.  Or, maybe the left and the right need to hash it out in order to find the answer…pun intended that time.  J

Either way, I think it's time to realize that our state is in a 4G debate that has no end in sight.  The constant upheaval is exhausting.  The truth on all issues lies somewhere in the middle, in a position of compromise and understanding….so let’s put that thought in our pipes and smoke it!  ~




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