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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Give Time, Time

There is no greater educator than time.  It has a way of tweaking perspective and providing view-altering life experiences.  No matter how good or how bad your current situation may be, time ensures that it will change; thus, there is never a viable reason nor justifiable excuse for a person to give up on living.  Suicide is never a solution.

There have been situations in my life where I thought I could never face the world again; moments when humiliation left me cowering in the shadows and shame left me feeling unworthy of anyone’s company.  I have stood in the powerful throes of depression and wondered if it was even worth fighting.  I have been afraid to die and even more afraid to live.  There are dark moments in our human existence…but they are not unbearable because God’s light can cut through even the darkest hour…IF we hang on.

Often times we give up before the lesson is learned and then wonder why we have not grown. Growth takes time.

Time cannot heal if we don’t (ironically) give time, time.  Satisfaction, comfort, and success don’t come overnight.  They take hours, days, weeks, months and years of laying a foundation and planting seeds so to bear a fruitful harvest. Time works for us if we endure; but it works against us if we quit.
So, don't give up...because giving up is like throwing away time.
Give yourself time… time to love, time to laugh, time to mourn and weep, time to pursue your dreams, time to deepen your relationships and time to cherish your memories. 

If I have learned anything it is that instant gratification fades as quickly as it comes…but taking the time to lay the right foundation brings lasting fulfillment.

Don’t rush through life... because it’s already too short. ..and time cannot be replaced.  ~


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