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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Love Is Like Chocolate

This is yet another chocolate-themed poem that was published in a Vanilla Heart Anthology.  I think this is the last one.  Boy, after reading these I'm really craving some chocolate... and a bit of sensual bliss would be nice too!  :)    Enjoy! 

Our Love is Like Chocolate

by S.R.Claridge


Our love is like chocolate,

milky and sweet;

I crave him

like an addictive treat.

His touch is velvet,

his muscles are steel;

he shows me the way

a woman should feel.


Our love is like chocolate,

delectably dark,

deliciously lustful

and filled with heart.

He gives me chills,

that are tingly warm,

like a cup of hot cocoa

amid a storm.

Our love is like chocolate.

I long for a bite;

to taste his sweet passion

all through the night.

With one tender kiss

my defenses are slain;

his love pours down

like sensual rain.


Our love is like chocolate,

rich and sublime;

I pray we indulge

‘til the end of time.









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