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Sunday, September 8, 2013

FREE Reading September Sundays



As a Back-to-School promotion, September Sundays are free reading days.  To help promote the importance of reading, I have five free Ebooks to give away. So the first five people to email me can have whichever book they would like.  Email:  AuthorSRClaridge(at)Gmail(dot)com 

Here are the choices:

Tetterbaum's Truth
Angel finds herself hanging in a twisted balance of mafia deception and revenge and the only way out is to expose the truth.

Petals of Blood
She knew of his tainted past, but it was too late to turn back. She loved him.

House of Lies
Skylar Wilson fights to save her sister from a deadly cult that stretches far beyond its pseudo-evangelical veil, penetrating the upper echelon of the United States government and pushing a lethal international agenda.

No Easy Way
Racing to piece together a family secret before anyone else dies, private investigator, Stephen Braznovich, finds himself trapped between white lies and dark lusts in a twisted tale where all roads point to one simple truth...there is No Easy Way.

Traitors Among Us   A kidnapping and an FBI bust sends Angel racing down a path to save her loved ones and she comes face-to-face with the scariest truth yet. There are Traitors Among Us.

Russian Uprising
Walking a fine line between compassion and rage, Angel discovers that the only way to stop the Russian uprising is to turn against her own blood.

Death Trap   Tempers flare and bullets fly as the lines of family loyalty blur into a melting pot of Mafia destruction, where Angel must face the suffocating reality that her only hope of staying alive is in playing dead.

Loose Ends
Unraveling the truth means tying up loose ends...the only problem is that some loose ends aren’t fit to be tied.

Spouse in my House
A unique and poetic look at sex and marriage, a la the styling of Dr. Seuss. Spouse in my House is a tale of sexual enlightenment as one couple strives for marital bliss.

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