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Monday, December 3, 2012

Sharing Their Stories

This weekend I was able to read and respond to some of the emails I have received over the course of the last four weeks.  The Bethany Deaton case being linked to my novel, House of Lies, has driven many to share their stories.
I have to be honest and say that a lot of these letters are hard to read because they either cause me to feel saddened or angry; and sometimes a mixture of both.  These negative emotions are often difficult for me to shake.  Thus, I have to force myself to step away from them for a while and focus on all of the wonderful things in the world.

I want to share excerpts from a couple of emails that deeply touched me.


Email #1

“I pray for your protection and strength each and every day so that our Lord would continue to give you the determination to expose the truth about IHOP and that He may use you and your writing to shed His light on their ways of deceit.”


Email #2

“After coming out of IHOP, I vowed never to believe in anything prophetic again but, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I believe your novel was prophetic and is being used as an instrument of truth against the dangers I know are ever present in IHOP.  I pray for your diligence and stamina in this fight as you battle the enemy.”


Email #3

“I came out of IHOPU last year and I’ve been struggling to find my way.  It was like every part of me was stripped down and there was nothing left but darkness.  I’ve been so afraid to speak up, I’ve had no confidence and when I read your blog and some of the other blogs like yours and saw your book, I felt like I wasn’t alone anymore, like you and others understand and know the truth and there’s light in the darkness now.  Thank you.”


Email #4

“You book doesn’t show IHOP perfectly but it shows the demonic undertones realistically and it shows how brainwashed and deceived everyone inside truly is.  I was there for six years.  I know Mike Bickle personally and I can tell you he is no longer a man serving the Lord.  He serves himself now, his ego.  He’s made everything up, its all false, its all a money making scheme.  If we all come together we can expose the truth.  I’m praying for you.”



Usually, upon reading an email, I feel weighted down and I say a prayer for the sender; knowing they are hurting.  After reading these, I felt uplifted and for that, I am grateful. 

To everyone who has written to me…. Thank you.  I will respond to each email as quickly as I can.

As for my novel, Houseof Lies.  I can’t speak to the suggestions that it is somehow prophetic.  It is a fiction book.  However, if God uses fiction to expose the truth… so be it.


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