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Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm SAD: Shocked, Amazed, Disgusted

I know I shouldn’t be shocked by the behavior of hate groups like Westboro Church, but every time they open their mouths I find myself amazed…and disgusted.


On the flip side, their hateful behavior has been counteracted by some beautiful actions from groups that are standing against them, from Anonymous to bikers; these are truly angels in disguise.

Today I am writing to express my gratitude to those that have taken a stand against these groups, to those who have spoken out and/or have taken public action to say ‘this hatefulness is not okay and we’re not going to sit silently by and let it happen.’

It takes courage to take a stand, knowing there will be others that will not support your efforts or will even stand against your efforts; but I commend you and am grateful for you.

Anonymous used their talents to expose Westboro members for the hate activists they are.  Thank you.

Bikers left their homes and traveled to Connecticut to build a human wall of protection around the Sandy Hook Elementary School victim’s funerals, so that family members, friends and townspeople could peacefully remember their loved ones.  What a tremendous action of love!  Thank you.

I cannot understand why people spew hatred in the name of God, when God is clearly about love, peace, mercy and truth.  I have tried to force my mind to fathom even the tiniest inkling of rationality in their words, but I cannot.  Hate is hate and it will never be attached to God.

There is nothing more shameful than when leaders in the Christian community use fear-tactics to spread their own hatefulness in the name of the Lord.  It is utterly repulsive. They speak of God’s vengeance, His punishment and wrath; but what of His love, tenderness, mercy and truth?  Spreading God’s love doesn’t put butts in the seats or money in the bank as quickly as spreading fear.  Ironically, the bottom line is, for many Christian leaders, it’s all about the ‘bottom line.’  Shame on them.

Let’s take a glimpse at some of the so-called, self-proclaimed “men of God” and see just how good they are at spreading Christ’s message of love, mercy and truth.

Lou Engle from the International House of Prayer proclaimed that the EF5 tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri "was a sign that God's redemptive judgments are beginning to be manifest concerning the shedding of innocent blood and abortion."

So, according to Engle, abortion equals deadly tornado sent by God.
In addition, while with Rick Joyner, Engle agreed that Hurricane Katrina was “God’s punishment for homosexuality in America.”  Engle also stated that he agreed with the bill in Uganda which stated that homosexuals should be put to death. 

Wow… nothing speaks of God’s love more than violence and hate, huh boys?

Right-wing religious radical preacher, John McTernan said, “God is systematically destroying America as political judgment for the ‘homosexual agenda.’”  McTernan made this statement about Hurricanes Katrina (2005) and Isaac (2012).

American Family Association’s Buster Wilson similarly claimed that “Hurricane Isaac was punishment for the Southern Decadence LGBT festival.”

Rick Joyner had the same to say about Hurricane Katrina, claiming that “God‘s not gonna put up with homosexual perversion anymore.”

Just like Joyner, Engle, McTernan and Wilson, Westboro Baptist Church said the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was “God’s way of punishing the state of Connecticut for legalizing same-sex marriage.” One WBC member tweeted, “Westboro will picket Sandy Hook elementary school to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.”

So, they are referring to murdered children and teachers as God “executing His judgment”… ?

To all of these so-called Christian leaders and to the WBC I say, WTF?!?

All of you are radical bigots and the fact that you have the nerve to call yourself Christians is both laughable and sad.  You are false prophets, misleading people with fear tactics and outright lies.  You should be ashamed and you will be condemned. 

God is clear on one thing:  He warns against false prophets and false teachers that will come in His name; and He promises to bring destruction upon them.  If I were you, I’d be very afraid. ~







  1. Susan, I admire your passion and gift for speaking out. Bless you and your loved ones. I wish you happy holidays and a healthy new year, my friend.

  2. Excellent post. In the sixties we used to say if you're not part of the solution you may be part of the problem. You've done an excellent job pointing to the hipocrites who are part of the problem in finding solutions to these senseless deaths.


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