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Monday, December 10, 2012

Mystery We Write Blog Tour: Evelyn Cullet

Evelyn Cullet has been an aspiring author since high school when she wrote short stories; but she didn't begin her first novel until college. Afterward, she continued to take writing classes while working in the offices of a major soft drink company. Now, after early retirement, she finally has the chance to write full-time. Evelyn enjoys playing the piano, being an organic gardener, and an amateur Lapidary.
She's a former long-time member of the Agatha Christie Society, and is currently a member of Sisters in Crime. She and her husband live in a suburb of Chicago along with their Black Lab/Pit Bull, Bailey.

Let's get to know Evelyn a little better... 

If you could have one last meal, what would it be?

Since I'm always so health-conscious about eating, for my last meal
I'd like to eat foods that are deep fried and loaded with sugar and
cholesterol. In other words, any food that's bad for me.

Name three things on your bucket list.

1. To visit the Sherlock Holmes Study in London, England. I can check that off.
2. To explore Nottingham Castle. Accomplished!
3. To become a best-selling author. I'm still working on that one.

In what genre do you write? If you were to choose another genre, what
would it be and why?

I write in the romantic suspense genre right now, but I also like to
write in the mystery romance genre, which I'm currently doing with my
next novel. I would like to write a cozy mystery because that's what I
enjoy reading the most, but romance keeps sneaking its way into my
stories and it's hard to keep out. I suppose I could write the romantic
parts in a cozy, and then take them out later. But somehow I don't
think that would work. I would always feel like something was missing,
so I guess I'll have to stick with what I write best.

Describe yourself in only three words.


What is the most adventurous thing you've ever done?

The most adventurous thing I had ever done was digging for crystals in
the mountains of Arkansas. Not extremely adventurous, but it was fun.
And I brought home some lovely crystals.

What made you choose to write the particular novel(s) you have written?

Besides being a writer, there was a time when I fancied myself as an artist. And while taking art classes, I met another artist who had gone to Bariloche, Argentina, to take a Master art class. I immediately thought that both the location and taking a Master art class would be fantastic ideas for a romantic suspense novel, so I began writing it the very next day.

Who is one of your favorite authors?

There are so many, it's a hard choice to single out only one. I'd like to say that you are, but I haven't had the opportunity to read any of your novels yet. I'm still looking forward to reading NO EASY WAY and working my way through to your latest. So I'm going to pick contemporary mystery author Rhys Bowen, whom I had the pleasure to meet and spend time with at the Love is Murder writers conference in 2011. I found her to be warm and gracious, and was surprised to learn that she has a wonderful sense of humor.

Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog today, Susan.

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  1. Evelyn,
    I find it interesting that you mentioned digging for crystals in the mountains of Arkansas when asked what was the most adventurous thing you've ever done. I've read about so many authors who love to go gem hunting, myself included.

    1. Glad to meet another gem enthusiast, Patricia. I just got back from Murfreesboro, Arkansas where I went to dig for diamonds. Didn't find any, but had a great time.

  2. You revealed a bit more about yourself in this one, Evelyn, and I enjoyed learning more about you.

    1. I've enjoyed being on the tour with you Marilyn.

  3. Love the photo as well as the interview, Evelyn, and we share some favorites: Sherlock and Rhys.

    1. Thanks Jean. It was fun being in the Sherlock Holmes Study at 221B Baker Street in London. Rhys was a funny lady. I'm reading her latest, The Twelve Clues of Christmas.

  4. I also love the photo! Great getting to know you, and if I ever get back to Chicago--relatives are complaining I don't want to come freeze with them (smile) I'll try to make it during conference time! Enjoyable post.


    1. Madeline, February is a great time to be in Chicago, such unpredictable weather. The year Rhys Bowen was here, we had 12 feet of snow, but last year the weather was mild with no snow. Hope you can make it to LIM in 2013. We'd love to have you here.

  5. Love a good mystery. Would love to be entered into the contest. margo (at) margodill.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by Margo. I'll enter you in the contest. Good Luck.

  6. Evelyn, the 4th Mystery We Write Blog Tour would not have been the same if you hadn't joined in. So glad you did!

  7. I enjoyed touring with you, Evelyn, and learning about you and your works. Keep writing and keep on enjoying life. May your next dig turn up many gems.

    1. It's been a blast,Earl. I envy you meeting Roy Rogers.


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